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    falcon football<br />music from simply listening to creating<br />gettin under the skin of haters<br />rooting for the underdog
  1. actually it wasnt a felony until a month before they were busted.
  2. where did i say theres 9-10 pages for every thread? lmao @ you spending all that time to prove me wrong about something i didnt even say!!! you my friend are a loser.
  3. my parents were divorced before i knew them, mom lived in boston, dad in atlanta. love the sox and pats but the falcons braves and celtics are my teams. only reason i dont like the hawks because they used to be in same div. as boston so i hate them from way back, but when i was young i didnt have to worry about any of my teams winning anything so i could follow an n.l. and a.l. baseball team and afc/nfc football teams. lol they all sucked!!!!
  4. i cant believe some people here think theres a possibility that vick invited this dude to the party. its like you want him to be guilty. lets get real here. youre just as stupid as you claim vick to be if you think phillips was invited.
  5. gave roddy tutelage that turned out to be great. that was a great investment. its no coincidence that with the arrival of hue jackson and joe horn roddy white got his **** together
  6. i know doctors, lawyers, and business owners who play the lottery.
  7. i agree with everything you said, so i dont see the problem with him going out if it doesnt violate his parole. that knucklehead could have popped up on him at a gas station. is vick supposed to pay somebody to pump his gas to avoid trouble as well?
  8. the felony has nothing to do with it. i hear a lot of you saying athletes dont belong in clubs, bars, basically out in public because of the potential for trouble. felon or not.
  9. i got a friend in co co county, the yoc to be exact.
  10. you completely missed the point, which is, you have a person who posts in every 10 page vick thread stating that nobody cares about the guy, when its clear, regardless how they try to spin it, they love some good ole vick gossip.
  11. IF i pick the 6 correct numbers in tonights drawing i will be a millionaire.
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