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  1. Boommmm hadoooken boom shockalaka it’s a bomb to Patterson
  2. Somebody said it earlier there’s absolutely NO qb competition. Matt Ryan gonna rest easy this season.
  3. Man creed Humphrey was my hopeful. I like trey sermon in a trade back or Or get big j mayfield to add to the bulldozers up front. I liked the trade back for the pro ready safety. Get busy TF.
  4. This is fast in a straight line but that 3 cone really shows how well a water moves imo.
  5. Bruh stop lying. We had Jason toast Webster and Crisp Houston. Two consistently well done fantastic bum *** corners.
  6. I like the last part of this. Kyle pitts and Keith page in a trade down scenario is a huge steal imo. May have to trade back up to get paye but safety really better be the second or third pick.
  7. Winning the loser bowl like champs. I hate that we killed ourselves so much this season.
  8. I’m not against the idea of a qb but if somebody makes that shock goofy pick, I’d take a kings ransoms and make 5 straight defensive picks and a Rb in the top 2 rounds. Ryan has been a high level qb with a run game. I only say this because we are stuck with him financially.
  9. I check these boards every day but I knew today’s TATF was gonna be special. That Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme is me.
  10. This year we relied on 3s more than Ice trae young. Need a battering ram rb.
  11. Gurley tried to make up for those untimely Tds
  12. Actually artie just briefed him on the tanking strategy. I have kinda fallen for the qb train but I’m still on board with hoping the window is open and getting surtain or an impact front 7 guy. Just want to live to see my falcons on top.
  13. Both qbs are doing their job but Clemson isn’t doing much deep. Ohio state players and the coaching staff are stretching the field deep and condensing it with a read option game, throwing the linebackers all out of whack. Only a nitpick or miss observation; it sometimes looks like fields misreads in the r/o run game. A lot of times it looks like the hb gets the ball with a wall in his face where as Justin has green in front of him. Still B+ for him but I’m watchin!! Still can’t falcon at this point and finish quarter by quarter because there is still a machine on the other side.
  14. I won’t say they need to start but I’ll say let them see the speed of the game from the bench first. I want defense but with only surtain and parsons really worth that pick I wouldn’t mind having that heir apparent (🤞fields )who could be good for a package we use every game with some familiar reads. when he starts as a hometown kid I want him to definitely be coming from a place of high confidence instead of rushing into immense pressure. This is considering the gm chooses this route.
  15. I’m watching the game a little delayed on my dvr and that hit on fields ouch. I want to draft him if he’s available late. We need somebody to crunch dudes on special teams. He needs to be coached up on tackling with form. He looked huge. Glad fields is ok and I see he’s tougher than I thought.
  16. Bad news Quinn just faxed them the playbook as payback 😭
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