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  1. I don’t mind a corner early but I’ve been hoping for kinlaw. Not only does he help Grady but that kinlaw takk bullrush on the same side could leave the opposing oline traumatized. I just feel like the more big guys we can put in front of our backers the quicker we shed the soft moniker and start issuing out some tfl. Let’s see if these young corners emerge and we have several more picks (hope we get a guard in the 2nd). Any 3rd or 4th round corners you guys suggest I look at?
  2. I skimmed this thread and I see interesting points now here’s mine. Find a way to get a free agent de. Maybe my cuz Dante Fowler who wants to play here then get the best dt/og you can find in the first two rounds. This probably means our 3rd rounder would inherit the a starting lb job unless grace, foye or someone can make a jump If Campbell is out the main thing I’m saying is I’d love to see Grady Jarrett with a legit tag team partner inside so we can get qbs off the spot. I know he’s not as big but just imagine a stroud and Henderson back in Buffalo.
  3. This is the most real way I’ve seen it put. Same coaching from college up but it really says don’t put more stock in the combine than you do with what’s inside the player. Vic led the league in sacks and seems to have said I’m good while Jarrett was under heralded and the hunger grew. I’m a lot of ways this is why I liked old school football where a top 10 pick could sit until they were ready. This also may have made them more hungry to get to start.
  4. This is who we should have been all year. Odd that we start looking like something when our rookie olinenan gets in the game? I say get more big boys early in the draft or fa
  5. Lol and a td to boot. This game will stay on my dvr for all time.
  6. Julio held that ball like a newborn great catch
  7. That’s a td take their Effiin hearts out!!! Walk off for the dirty birds!!!
  8. So close to calling it the miraculous scoop from hoop
  9. Please oh please let hoop do to them what Edelman did to us in the Sb
  10. I love these moments. It’s so or die.
  11. Jimmy ward hanging on for life vs julio
  12. Falcons putting up a fight today.