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  1. Man the predator music is the icing on the cake in the second video. I always wondered who ja55 was giving the I see you celebration to. Abraham Coleman Kearney and jelly with Brady Smith was my favorite dline of all time for the falcons. Dudes were hungry lions on every play.
  2. Sanu also consistently succeeds in his role. Yes he gets paid but his work on the field speaks for itself. He has been really good against #2 and #3 corners. I think he is just as vital in the run Game and tbh he’s got to have a pretty good qb rating as well. I’m not gonna bash Vic because I want him to succeed on our team but this is apples and oranges and I mean that with respect.
  3. Omg working downtown will be fun this Super Bowl weekend. I was kinda dreading it before but I’m glad. Aunts boards gotta be in total meltdown they got shafted.
  4. Glad to see hill with an NFL caliber run and then it gets canceled by him being in the moment.
  5. Hawks come on right after this... same theme. Optimism under fire. I love my atlanta teams but I still can’t get over the fact that it took a soccer team to show em how it’s done. For most of the season I didn’t care about em but it’s good to have a winner.
  6. He’s going for 300 again man. Me and my 18 pack are calling it.
  7. No push up the middle. We have to get some big guys up front who roll with bad intent on running plays. Our oline isn’t as bad as some say but the demeanor overall is soft. Guys are a bit too corporate and seemingly not about creating fear for the opposing defense.
  8. There’s my boy. He’s been on fire recently. Ever since the skins game td.
  9. Makes me mad when Julio comes out of the game near the goal line. Usually it’s not even injury related
  10. Wait is that the Brian hill we drafted and cut last year playing for us?
  11. Offense came to play. Well run play