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  1. Somebody called this or it was on their wish list. I think he’s not bad and maybe just getting out of Cincy gives him a chance to improve. Also having lined up against aj green in practice and now Julio let’s hope iron sharpens iron. I’m still hoping the pass rush is there to make everyone better.
  2. Ok so you are on the clock and the owner says you have to draft a de. Your choices are Vic Beasley, ray edwards, Jamal Anderson98 or Hageman. This could literally cost your job who are you picking? Sorry if anyone is triggered or ruins their keyboard from projectile vomiting but this is what we have had out there on the end over the last decade.
  3. Agreed. Everyone must earn their draft grade. That being said, after we quote reached for Neal I’ve stopped prognosticating careers based on quote draft experts opinion. Sometimes a player is such a fit that it works. When healthy I’d say Neal would have been worth his pick based on his role as an enforcer and attitude adjustment.
  4. Ovie would have a field day crushing these 230 lb linebackers in today’s nfl. I know a body part isn’t a player but I’d wish for a healthy and strong body for willie mo or a rejuvenated neal. turner and Asante Samuel if it wasn’t for the underrated qualifier
  5. Td is generally good with the cap but as far as personel I honestly think his vision for the team changes a lot. Drafting offense high has sold tickets but now we expect a ring from the Ryan Julio era so now he realizes both teams scoring in the 30s won’t do it. This was his most to the script draft I’d seen through the first 3 rounds.
  6. It’s sucks that we can no longer get evals from mike mayock. I always felt like he was the best. I’m curious how he would see our draft. Falcons have had bad luck with guys unable to stay on the field be it injury, lack of drive or drug suspension so I can’t knock them for getting nice guys but the get themselves a skull cracker in the second round to wreck the oline next to takk. To big craaaaaazy jokers on one side coming for breezus Brady and...little bro. Then you have Jarrett and Fowler on the other side man hope backup qbs warm up a little extra. It’s not a feared line yet but I do like the extra juice up front. More moves to come but it would be cool to see if the jets still want a 2nd for Jamal Adams if not pursue clowney.
  7. Meat and potatoes last year and a draft of necessity here. I’d give it a B- overall because I think trading down and still getting the same player could have landed us a few more cracks at it but the heartbreak of shanty being in the way of what had to be our prize again makes me a little ticked. All in all I think we have 3 starters.
  8. Right on time with the ads. Maybe they will spend the same 5 minutes on our pick with no commercial on the other side.
  9. Commercial when we pick? It’s been a weird theme.
  10. Listen. They compared him to brawley hawley!! Man I hope the online can be more nasty this year.
  11. Did they ever go over the falcons pick? Or did we only get rewarded with a commercial?
  12. Probably gets his feet wet at guard before inheriting the center job.
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