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  1. Man creed Humphrey was my hopeful. I like trey sermon in a trade back or Or get big j mayfield to add to the bulldozers up front. I liked the trade back for the pro ready safety. Get busy TF.
  2. This is fast in a straight line but that 3 cone really shows how well a water moves imo.
  3. Bruh stop lying. We had Jason toast Webster and Crisp Houston. Two consistently well done fantastic bum *** corners.
  4. I like the last part of this. Kyle pitts and Keith page in a trade down scenario is a huge steal imo. May have to trade back up to get paye but safety really better be the second or third pick.
  5. Winning the loser bowl like champs. I hate that we killed ourselves so much this season.
  6. I’m not against the idea of a qb but if somebody makes that shock goofy pick, I’d take a kings ransoms and make 5 straight defensive picks and a Rb in the top 2 rounds. Ryan has been a high level qb with a run game. I only say this because we are stuck with him financially.
  7. I check these boards every day but I knew today’s TATF was gonna be special. That Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme is me.
  8. This year we relied on 3s more than Ice trae young. Need a battering ram rb.
  9. Gurley tried to make up for those untimely Tds
  10. Actually artie just briefed him on the tanking strategy. I have kinda fallen for the qb train but I’m still on board with hoping the window is open and getting surtain or an impact front 7 guy. Just want to live to see my falcons on top.
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