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  1. I hope this pushes both John and capella to new heights for us. I love jc but now is the time for him to meet the challenge on defense.
  2. I think that’s the scenario that I hadn’t thought about. Maybe they wanted to make sure he fell before dealing JC being confident that the 4 only needed to be a roll man on offense and a factor on the defense. I’m a big fan of Johns and I hope the plan is for them to coexist but our gm has been pretty good at drafting and I’ll give him the Benefit if the doubt whatever he chooses. Let’s go hawks! Excited about backup pg and the wings in free agency. I hold pause here only because Travis Schlenk said he’s going for the best talent regardless of position.
  3. luka light. Look him up. If we don’t draft him I’d be very surprised. The draft fell kinda weird tbh. deni avdija. I think i spelled it wrong before.
  4. They loved Beasley so I see ya. Aj actually turns his head around so you knowhehasa chance to get results.
  5. Maybe he gets in dallas pup list every week. Liked his bulrush but they mouth was more distraction than anything.
  6. Not sure but I’m sure that reputation makes opposing teams play to win even if we are up because we are known as that team that will let you back in.
  7. What happened to the outside zone runs? We have powerful tackles and an athletic guard. Tg should be able to hit these one cut runs better.
  8. We haven’t been able to properly execute smitty ball in a while. We should be suffocating them on offense.
  9. This would be a good time to be able to run the ball.
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