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  1. That about sums it up..Just don't understand folks crying for a pass rush when we have yet to see what we got..sure we have done the experimental thing and failed miserably in the past, but I honestly feel Bryan cox will bring out the best in our young players..
  2. Most people would not know him if they seen him in public, yet he was the Super Bowl MVP..my point is, we have many unknown name linebackers on our team that can easily be our pass rush..it doesn't take us to get a well known name player to generate a pass rush. Give the guys a chance..
  3. Man, what a dream that would be to have flowers, tru and Alford.
  4. What!!!!!!!heck naw I'd rather have lofton back...
  5. Spoon scratches his knee..sprained mcl, pcl, atl and all the others you can think of...
  6. Once again, playing behind a piss poor line and him having a injury, expectations were not high anymore..let's not pretend like we don't know what he is capable of after all the 1000 yard seasons he put up in st Louis..don't knock a man only after not even 1 full healthy season..
  7. Soooo Jackson was suppose to have 1500 yards rushing last season with the sorry a@@ line we had??
  8. Well said analogy and I understand everyone needs practice to be better than the next player but tackling??that should come natural to a professional defensive nfl player..if this was high school, college or even the arena league then I can understand but your professional team having to practice hitting is kinda embarrassing..
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