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  1. matt ryan is not under BB..he is still currently under MM.. And carson did not quit because of BB.. he quit because the bengals sucked as a team...
  2. He will be our offensive coordinator once mularkey gets the boot. Carson flourished under him, throwing for almost 4000 yards for multiple seasons. With the talent that we have, we should be great under BB..
  3. And what does that suppose to mean???? I bet everyone in this thread that posted is wide awake now and very aware of what cam and the panties can do.
  4. wow, really???? 12:38 in the morning dameat????u must of been real bored..
  5. no arguments with that. As long as we are over the aints, im good..
  6. lol its funny how you people just jump to conclusions by just reading this story and not knowing the real reasoning why he walked out..comical..
  7. seen this on facebook...hmmmm, not sure what to think about that.
  8. yea, i can see your point. yea maybe im just a little worried, after seeing philly do what they did out of the blue like that. They have both offense and defensive fire power and we all know defense wins championships. If julio pans out from the jump, then i think we will be good as far as recievers go, but its kinda hard to think that way seeing that he is unproven right now. And we still havent resigned BG20..ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. understood, but do we really have that much time to wait seeing how our first preseason game is a month away??Dont we want to get players in here and get them into camp and the playbook to understand the falcon language asap??
  10. how do you figure we will be ok at WR????besides roddy, who else is proven now that mj12 is gone???
  11. yea thats true, but being too patient will get you nowhere but the leftovers that everyone has passed over.
  12. Dont get me wrong, LOVE the pick up in ray ray, and not trying to be a a@@ here but are we gonna pick up any more veterans???We could still use IMO a nickle corner, a vet reciever, and another vet back if snelling goes. Just think about this, (knock on wood) what if roddy goes down for an extended amount of time, who do we have????A rookie in julio, HD83, and basically another rookie in kerry meier. And as for corner, chris owens should not EVER be in the nickle spot again the way he got torched in the greenbay game, so we need to replace that if franks is not the answer right now, and we need
  13. umm, i wouldnt of admitted that to everyone on this board..Atlanta is the wrong place to admit you have a man crush on another dude....
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