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  1. He’s been playing better. He was runner up to Rory a couple of weeks ago.
  2. I like him a lot. Great team player
  3. Ok. I just finished it. The most amazing thing was that I didn’t fall asleep. In all fairness I thought those silly Lord of the Ring movies were liquid *** too. I know a lot of people liked those. Emmitt gives Dune two Gatorade’s spilt on your new leather sofa.
  4. I think Coach Smith’s grade may be rising. I was impressed with his clock management before halftime and at the end of the game. He’s impressing me.
  5. I thought the announcer had money on the game. He kept talking about it.
  6. Finished watching the game and now have Dune ready to watch on HBO Max. We’re reciprocals….
  7. Especially since the Sanu face mask was a no call as well! Refs are supposed to be a little bit less flag crazy in the playoffs. I’ve seen much more of a hold not get called. with that said, you have to know your situation and be aware of your surroundings in that situation. I think it was a mental lapse. Everyone knows that the refs were going to favor the Pats in that game. Don’t give them a chance to help them.
  8. For sure. We could be much worse off. I also remember a few seasons ago, where Jake looked like he was on roller skates the first few games. I suspect that he was playing hurt, but it was never mentioned. He did clean up his act after about three games into the season. I think this was the season we lost to the 49ers in the playoffs.
  9. That we do agree on. We should have been running the ball much more in the second half or at least short passes that were easy to convert.
  10. I’ve had plenty of other Falcon players during my lifetime that I could hate on, but I don’t. I not sure that makes me a hater, but if it makes you feel better carry on….
  11. We would have to win the Super Bowl for me to forgive his holding call to take us out of field goal position….. He’s the only Falcon player that I’ve ever had had harsh feelings for…. Well maybe Freeman for his missed block…
  12. That’s what I said a few weeks ago. I dig it. Let them lamb chops lose coach!
  13. Seriously, while our young RT is not playing at an All-Pro level, he has been decent. I have a bad feeling that we may see the difference between a decent RT and decent RT without a lot of game time/practice time. I just hope I don’t have to see a ‘blood in the water’ type of situation over the weekend. of course you can always slap a tight end on that side to help out…. We will see.
  14. I thought we had 100% participation in taking the vaccine? sorry couldn’t help myself. Carry on…..
  15. I think It’s the typical Falcon pattern. We get up big, looking like a blowout, then we go conservative and hold on by the skin of our teeth.
  16. I posted earlier that it was related to flying over water. That was the rumor I had heard.
  17. I remember Roddy saying that it was just a number to him and that he did not mind CP wearing it.
  18. I’ve had a few flashbacks of Roddy watching CP go over the middle with his physicality. Roddy’s one of the few players that I miss seeing play.
  19. Nate’s great too! He’s done a great job. I miss some of Buds sound bytes though. He had a very dry sense of humor.
  20. Yes they did, but I’m not sure BA could run the route tree after they touched down.
  21. The rumor I’ve seen is that he is afraid of flying already, but when you through flying over an ocean it cause extreme anxiety for Rid. Thats just the rumor I see. If that’s the case I can understand him missing the game.
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