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  1. Haha. Maybe so. I know the internet has brought about a whole new level of conspiracy theories. My father in law is 100% serious that Bigfoot exists.
  2. It’s a different world now. The US is more divided now more than it ever has been. I do not see it happening, but some pundits predict another civil war.
  3. It’s not how much time it takes. It’s the stance. From the reaction tonight, I am not alone. I like politics and sports to be separate. I have no issue with an individual expressing their beliefs on their own time, but when a company becomes non neutral. It’s an issue for many people.
  4. Did either of you see Emmitt Smith when he was doing commentating? I was not racist at all. He was not a good communicator. There are comedy skits on him. He was not a good public speaker plain and simple. I’ve seen stories with him talking socially and he was fine conversing. I’m not sure why he struggled on camera, but his career was very short for a reason.
  5. Appreciate it my friend. i never did the Emmitt skit to be racist. I actually stole the idea from a Walter’s Football article where they did the same thing. In fact, there are many such articles in similar fashion. I did see a couple of people that took offense and I stopped doing them. Again it was never meant to be racist in any matter, but I have found another possible persona to become that even makes less sense than Emmitt when speaking. Joe Biden is on an entirely different level and he’s Caucasian. I will create the account immediately!
  6. I am not aware of that fact. I have not seen that reported. I let me read your link and I will reassess.
  7. And this was one of my main reasons for asking the question in the first place, but apparently anyone who doesn’t fall for the media propaganda is now a racist. when I was teenager, my father and I did not have a lot in common and seldom saw eye to eye on any matter, but the one thing that we did together was Falcon football. It was just football! It was three hours away from the world and it’s troubles.
  8. Wow. You are easily offended. I simply asked were others having a hard time decided to watch or not This is just a civil discussion of what I thought would be mature responses. Sure there were some testy post earlier, but everything had calmed down and was being discussed in a calm matter. I only see one racist in this conversation and it certainly isn’t me.
  9. I have been surprised that more hasn’t been said. It’s a major topic on message boards and social media. From the comments, only 12 people in the world will be tuning into tonight’s game. Im very interested to see the ratings. If it is as bad as the NBA or MLB. Goodell may be gone.
  10. I’m not saying that she deserved to be shot at all. Her boyfriend was the first person to shoot. The police responded with fire. what exactly would you like for the police to do in that situation? Just takes leave because they are being shot at? The best case is that they comply with the police and are then arrested and given a fair trial. They have every right to that if they COMPLY. The cops did not kill her, her boyfriend did once he started shooting.
  11. I read the transcripts of those tapped phone calls last night. She was very involved with the selling of illegal drugs. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  12. Thanks brother. I’ve seen this guy before on his other videos. He seems very intelligent.
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