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  1. Told ya’ll Tru was playing hurt! Everyone wants to jump on someone. Dude is a warrior
  2. I thought Tru was playing great to open the season, but I believe he tried to play through his injury and his performance suffered. These guys can’t win. If he takes himself out, he get criticized for being soft. He sucks it up and plays worse, here comes the winery. These guys are human beings. I think video Games and Fantasy Football killed these in the department of expectations.
  3. I can’t argue with anything you said. I just know that somethings are more important than football to me personally. I can certainly see why so many people want him gone, but I try to judge on qualities that most do not. With that said I’m all I favor of bringing a hard nosed s&$t kicker coach in if Q is let go.
  4. You guys can rail on Q all you want, but he is a great human being. I have nothing but respect for the man and how he carries himself. I’ve said a few derogatory remarks over the past few weeks, but the one thing that always made me feel somewhat guilty is how good a man Q is. With that being said, I have a personal motto of sorts, ‘A person has to be at least a little bit of an azzhole to win consistently’
  5. How can these guys hear anything that the coaches are saying with all that racket going on?
  6. I know. He looked like a man against boys during the preseason.
  7. Prayers sent. This is the true meaning of Brotherhood
  8. Tennessee wasn’t exactly flush with talent during that time. Pretty bad if I remember correctly.
  9. I think YoungHoe is offsides with himself before the kick.
  10. I wish him the best of luck. I have a feeling he will show out somewhere else where they know how to use him.
  11. I’d be fine with that 100%
  12. I’ve been saying it a for a few years now. All of these defenses are lighter and built for speed. Time to play smash mouth and light some ****** up! control the ground, time of possession. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  13. The Hawks are ballin. That’s also without Red Velvet all the way back too. This is going to be a fun season as opposed to this **** show we got going on over here.
  14. I can certainly agree with that part. We’ve all seen players retire when the fun was gone.