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  1. Ollison over Hill? I’m not against it. Just surprising.
  2. This is exactly what I said in the other thread. I will also say as someone who has been through two ACL reconstructions, arthritis is going to be there at some point in time after. For me, it was almost immediately after my first surgery. Others are luckier and it takes a while to kick in.
  3. I’m down with this. This was a no brainer signing. Gurley will add way more than 5 million in revenue the season. Jersey sells, UGA homers (I’m one) at games. Its a simple business investment.
  4. Appreciate it brother. Maybe if it was someone else on their team, I would be a little more sympathetic, but that guy is one of the most classless individuals I’ve seen in my life time.
  5. I can’t find an once of sympathy. &$%# the saints!!!!!
  6. I have a feeling he’s going to be the new Abe for our franchise.
  7. I hope he balls out. He’s a good kid. I wish nothing but the best for him.
  8. I think matching would be better:
  9. It’s all self medication brother!
  10. I can’t stand Michaels. He’s all about the legacy teams and tows the company line. They do have some good deals during Xmas for all of your holiday shopping though.
  11. Haha I appreciate it brother.
  12. Appreciate it guys! I’ve always loved guitars. I started playing at 14 and still continue on at 50. I’ve saved myself a boatload of physiatrist bills from the piece of mind that occurs from turning a guitar up to 10 and letting her rip. I’ve hesitated saying anything because it gives my identity away in the past, but in all reality, who cares.
  13. And last one:
  14. One more after this one and I’m done. I’m trying not to hog this wonderful thread that I just stumbled upon.
  15. Now a few of my designs: