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  1. I’m not a pile jumper, but I do agree that Vic didn’t always put football first. I will say that there many things more important than football and That there are more than a few players from all sports that could learn how to conduct oneself as a man from Mr. Beasley.
  2. This will be Takk’s career year. Whoever has him after this will see the cheeseburger eating mutha&@&$kr we’ve seen his prior years. dont sing it, bring it b&$&¥!
  3. So he picks a contract year to get serious? Really? I think I’m going to just lay around the office and do nothing, but the week before evaluations, I’m going to get $*** done!!!!!! PS: Grandma would be disappointed ☹️
  4. There is something to be said for the quiet guy sitting in the corner because you know when the time comes, he’s the one that’s going to light you up like a Roman candle!
  5. Well Goldberg played for us so I would like to think he was a fan while he was getting his check.
  6. Happy Birthday brother! One of the best on here!
  7. I guess I’m the minority. I like them and have no problem with them. Of course I’d support the team if they came out in potato sacks too.
  8. Me either! That is definitely in my top three moments as a Falcon fan.
  9. As bumbling and stumbling as the Smiths were, I think they couldn’t handle the spot light that Deion brought with him. The Falcons were looked at differently once Deion played his first game (who could forget that punt return). it was simply too much for them to handle the 2 way playing night life style that Deion brought to the team. I can absolutely say that had Blank owned the team at that time, Deion would have gotten the ‘Falcon for life’ monicker.
  10. I’m definitely onboard the Gage train. I believe he can be one of those rare players whose pro career is better than his college years.
  11. That is the question my friend! I’d take the over with the line set at 21 cups in Jerry World Stadium.
  12. So Dak about to become the highest paid qb makes him great? No thanks Jeff
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