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  1. If the entire defense continues to lay the wood on each play, they can’t fine us for every play, right? I’m surprised we didn’t get any fines from that abuse we were handing out to the Eagles. Not to be mean, but some of those guys were walking around like they took a shot from Tyson in his prime.
  2. I’m glad Tru is ballin again, but you have to give some credit/blame to the defensive front. No one can cover someone for 5 and 6 seconds. Rumor has it, one of our opposing QBs read War and Peace while waiting for his receivers to get open last year.
  3. Dude’s gonna become a folk hero around here. We could do much worse.
  4. Yeah, for sure. Griffin Legend. I always wished there was a way the Falcons would get him.
  5. My mom worked with his Dad. Good people.
  6. When I was a wee lad and uneducated about supporting the home team, I was a big Kenny Stabler guy. I love the Stabler to Casper connection. i was also a big fan of Wilbert Montgomery and Windle Tyler.
  7. Need that shirt!
  8. I hate the aints with every breath in my body, but still a part of me hates that this might be the end of the line for Brees. I along with many others noticed the lack of arm strength he had last year. This could be the end of the road as far as maintaining a high level of play for him. ....eh never mind, f*** him and the horse he road in on!
  9. I said the same thing a few times. We brought the lumber! I love this kind of football! There was a reason that the Eagles had to add an addition onto their exam tent.
  10. Hope he doesn’t get fined again...
  11. Ito pass protects better too. I like how we bring Ito in on long 3rd down plays. Most likely because the coaches are aware of it as well.
  12. I wood estimate that the averages for each game combined GAInfusionContent was somewhere around 4792 cups per game.
  13. I watched a lot of games today waiting for ours. We by far have the hardest hitting defense that I saw today. I love that kind of play
  14. I was critical last week mainly for the missed sack, but he did look good tonight.
  15. I usually don’t care for him, but I thought he did a good tonight.