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  1. Rico comes from a different time than most of these current cats. He's from a place when men were men and you won't find him wearing skinny jeans. He has the intestinal fortitude to stand up and be somebody when needed. He does his job with pride and takes it as a personal affront if he doesn't. I would laugh if I had a younger son who said he wanted to grown up be like 'insert current player name here'. But, if that name was Rico, well, I would say, 'way to aim high Son, way to aim high'.
  2. Rico is my favorite player on the team. With that said, pay the man!
  3. I remember the cheerleaders if you could call them that. They were a different uhhhh type of cheerleaders than we see today. I'm all for this new league just for this fact alone! They were skanks and they played it to the hilt. I had a lot fond nights after watching the XFL as young man.
  4. The last time terico did a game I couldn’t understand a word he said with all of the saint c*** in his mouth. Hes has one of the most overrated guys I’ve ever seen and about as informative at 3 day old panty waste. He had to leave mnf last time due to some type of sexual assault if I remember correctly.
  5. Man that’s a great video. It makes me proud to be a fan of this team and willing to absolutely take someone’s head off if they get in the way.
  6. I hope all is well. Prayers sent just incase.......
  7. I didn't care who won, but GA got robbed. These old men in their stripped shirts need to have everything reviewable. It doesn't take long for most mortals to make the calls off of the video.
  8. Matt BRYANT threw that ball to Sanu on the scene? Wow! I never saw him in the game at that time.
  9. I loved how he walked onto the field as the Rams came out. That the attitude of a real player.
  10. Heck of a play. He played well all game. He made that one blitz pickup of the safety that saved a drive in the forth.
  11. Just like Ryan’s rookie season. They didn’t know what they were walking into
  12. Say what you want about Roberts, but at least he catches the ball.
  13. And that’s why I like this team more than last years