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  1. I wish I had that much hair my friend! I wonder if it could be Stats (from training camp) long lost child.
  2. Instant classic! Alright man up! Which one of you cats is this?
  3. Haha. I may have had a few shots in me at this point last night.
  4. I found it interesting that he was wearing the green dot. Usually the middle lb’er makes the calls in the huddle. They have some trust in the kid and he’s obviously intelligent.
  5. I had mostly those same thoughts. I’m hoping its the start of something and gets better, but right now I think we may be a .500 type team this year. Something is certainly lacking.
  6. I don't think it was all on Free, but he did miss some key 3rd down blocks early in the game when we were still in it. I'm hoping it was just rust form lack of playing time, but I know he's had problems in the past with pass blocking.
  7. I’m impressed with Cleveland this year. I was hoping that Mayfield would be a bust.
  8. Ah you missed the 80s. That explains it. We are just outmanned and out coached.
  9. I’ve tried it over the years. I’s just not the same for me, but I do get a lot more of my hunny do list chores done. it looks like I’m about to get caught up quick.
  10. Is he playing safety? Seriously, I hate to limit Ito’s plays.
  11. It depends on the injury. Unfortunately for you and your boys, I highly doubt Rico travels with the team any time soon with this surgery.
  12. Ah thanks. I must have been thinking of someone else.
  13. I seem to remember a few years ago that a stat said that Bosher had never had a punt blocked at any level.