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  1. I was dreading seeing this post. Godspeed Slappy.
  2. He’s kinda like my dog. He loves a good belly rub.
  3. While mosts player like to take times off during, my homeboy Matt Ryans is football all day, everyday! Matt and his lovely wife Sara welcomed me into there home for a sit down about the upcoming seasons. Emmitt: SORRY Max, let me go over here and get set up for the interview. Matt: GET ¥£*€%#£ SET!!!! Emmitt: ok I’m ready now. Matt: (look of disgust) Emmitt: Tell me Matt, how has camp been? Matt: It’s been a productive camp. We are out here working hard and coming together as a team. With Julio out of mini camp, it’s let the younger guys get more reps...... Emmitt: Julio out? I didn’t even know. I been a big fan of him since the Sanford and Son days. You remember that time he and Lamont when down to the .... Matt: You know, I’ve read your articles on the Falcons Message Board. Emmitt: Oh yeah? Matt: I haven’t missed a one. Let me tell you something. I don’t like Gatorade. Haha. There are a lot of quality people on that board that really know the game well. Emmitt: Well there are some trolls too... Matt: HaHaha! Yes there are. I remember they said I had a noodle arm. I’m always amongst the league leaders in deep balls. Emmitt: Well it feels a little uncomfortable talking about that with Sara sitting right there. Matt: GET THE %€#£ OFF MY CHAIR!!!
  4. It’s great to see Chuck Smith out there, but what the *#%€ is he wearing? Did he cycle in from the Tour de France?
  5. Man, this breaks my heart Slappy. I'm sincerely touched that you mentioned me in your post. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you battle through this. I hope you don't mind if I check in on you once in a while. Prayers my friend and stay strong!
  6. That sounds like a movie I once saw Harry Douglass in a few years ago....
  7. As a Hawks fan, I've always appreciated Ryan's work. I'm looking forward to hearing him do the Falcon's game.
  8. He certainly has potential to follow in my stairsteps....
  9. He throws pretty good for a skinny dude
  10. Yep, you can smell the goodness when you drive by.
  11. Intoxicated and with a 40 in each hand
  12. It looks like Julio had his first drop of the season......
  13. At least he can’t get hurt at mini camp.....
  14. I get paid for this my friend. While this isn’t technology my job, I am getting paid.