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  1. Haha. Sorry CF. I’m sure Julio had a good birthday at Lake Lanier this week.
  2. Happy Birthday CF. It's my Mom's B-day as well.
  3. It’s certainly number 1 for me!
  4. A true measure of strength!
  5. Like minds, but at least you spelled it right!
  6. I guess it’s true what I’ve heard. Sinality has set in for Gil.
  7. You just can’t buy this kind of comedy gold! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  8. A tip of my hat to Smitty. I love what he brought to this franchise and I will always hold him in high regard.
  9. I don't believe in any astrology ****, but I do know great men are born around this time of year.... Happy birthday Vandy!!! My bd is tomorrow hahaha!
  10. In all honesty, who didn’t? Well maybe Carolina and the Cards
  11. It’s about ******* time!!!!!!
  12. It's a bold strategy Cotton, Let's see how it works out
  13. I would thinks I would need a full 8 cup to recover and be on the readies and return to the quart.
  14. Dear Mr. Mike Quinn, I would first like to say that I loved your show “Dr Qwin, Medical Woman”. On a professionality level, I would like to throwgh my hats into the ring for the open position of Falcon games day coordinator. I don’t want to toot my own ukekayly, but I am NFL Hall of Farmer. I also hold the NFL, and even the division, record for all time running yards. But, enoughs about my pasts, lets talk about what I can bring to the team a game manager. First things first, or vise versa, I am an exquisite modulator and providatator of the Gatoraids. I will make sure that each and every player has there share of the good stuff, so to speak. No play will want for the good stuff. Also, you should never question my use of timeouts. I will assure you that for every opponent "timeout" that is called, I will be sure to respond with a violent and boistorus "time-in" as quickly and loudly as possible. Make no doubt about that Dr! Agains, thank you for considering my interest in this positions as I like all positions. your friend and mine, Emmitt Smith
  15. I'm in the "keep him" camp. I believe he was handicapped with an awful interior O-line this year. He knew he couldn't get any push up the middle outside of Mack and was forced to run Jet sweeps 20 times a game. Get him a couple of tough veteran guards and let him pound the rock like he wants to. Then you will love the results when the play action is called. Plus it will keep our mediocre defense off the field.