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  1. I had high hopes for Hoop after those stiff-arms at the beginning of the season, but I admit I've soured on him some. I haven't given up hope though. I once gave up on a wide receiver we drafted after struggling through his first few years. He went on to become one of my favorite players all time, Mr. Roddy White.
  2. As a current Home Depot customer, I'm in line now at the self checkout, I don't under stand why I can't get discount tickets! Come on Art!!!!! And yes, Art's attire is straight off the set of the Godfather.
  3. Welcome back Jedi.
  4. When he lived next door to me, after his first contract was up, he didn't visit any other teams. My guess is he knew he was coming back. I take this to mean that the Falcons told him to explore his options.
  5. And he gets under the table incentives by the team using his companies for various functions. Very shady if you ask me. I’d rather do it honestly.
  6. Hunter Mayfield
  7. Guys I’m glad everyone is happy about the draft, but these guys haven’t played a single snap yet. Calm down. They are going to be some growing pains for these guys this year. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Does Dallas, but let these guys breath without putting the world on their shoulders.
  8. Let’s see how it works out for’m.... that movie full of Classic one liners
  9. Friend texted that to me. Like to pee’d myself.
  10. I heard Deion said it .....
  11. I've seen my share of shinny *****, but I've never seen it related to football in any way shape or form. Just sayin
  12. Not at all. I actually like the bald look better. It’s a little more manly. Hahaha
  13. Full mullet and hair band hair here! Now? No hair to be found.