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  1. Hard to say, but Hanspard seemed to be our new feature back and was on his way to a stellar Falcon career. I hope he did alright in life, cuz someone owes him a bunch of karma.
  2. IDK, He would have to beat out B. Pickens and A. Bruce and at #8 I dont think that could happen.
  3. Exactly, I mean all this guy does is score TDs from 50 yards out with almost no blocking. He could be special in the zone scheme. I'm also tired of spending cap pace on RBs that had their best days behind them. Duke would be awesome in our O and almost certainly be there in the 2nd.
  4. I would consider him an ELITE worst person ever, not just in sports. Maybe number one all time.
  5. Or we could go up by 3 scores early and then not anticipate any adjustments by them at halftime, come out in the second half and try to burn clock and play not to lose and stop being aggressive and when we find ourselves down by a score in the 4th , try and get some offensive rhythm back and then hope that we are only down by 3 or less and they left us enough time to get in position for a Bryant 47 yard FG to win it.
  6. It seems like it finally sank in that keeping the pressure on when your clicking on all cylinders is way better than shutting it down after you get up by a few scores and playing not to lose. I think that it helped us pile it on, cuz the Bucs were expecting us to shut it down and start running clock. like in the past and be content with taking 3 to 4 mins off the clock and then punt. Then our opponents would come out after the half and get a couple of scores and we couldn't get anything going because we had lost our rhythm. I love this new found optimism I am feeling. In the past it also see
  7. I was just glad we didn't give up first downs on every 3rd and long.
  8. Every draft pick can't make the team every year. I would rather we miss on the late rounders than the early ones. If Mathews is the only player in this draft that we hit on, it will still be a good draft.
  9. Although, I'm very excited to see what he can do with better blocking and teams not being able to stack the box against him. I am rooting for SJ. He seems like a good guy and a real pro and leader.
  10. Maybe he can, but we will never know unless he is given a chance. I know he wont average 30 yards a carry but think he has earned a shot. We can make up a whole bunch of excuses on why he is so awesome, but it is way better than making excuses for a guy that's sucking,
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