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  1. funny how i don't see these type of silly political ads coming from the obama side....comparing him to celebrities, taking a tire gauge discussion out of context and making it a campaign issue(?)......come on people, you vote based on this childish silliness?. ......why must the neocon base keep this type of cr.ap up......just a continuation of the flag pin, national anthem, secretly a muslim, BS propaganda that keeps coming from that side....they're spending most of their time firing of silly negative shots that have nothing to do with policy....... i don't want someone in office who doesn't
  2. and people thought it was too ambitious of Obama to want to try to get the troops out so quickly...some folks just assumed that because the Pubs campaigned against it's likeliness(McCain- 100 years) that it couldn't be in the realm of possibility. i feel like i've been watching a running list the last 5 or 6 years now of radical Republicans being proven wrong over and over again.....wonder what the next item will be on the list. wonder how the McCain bunch will spin this one....wait wait, i think i know, they'll bring up the surge..that's the ticket.... link
  3. Well seeing as I'm registered independent and I have common sense and I see that A)our economy has problems and has continued deficit issues with the current economic system, our foreign relations status is at one of it's most negative in modern times, C) WE ARE IN AN UNFOUNDED AND FALSELY MARKETED WAR D) we can't even respond to national disasters effectively, then logic tells me there is no way in the fires of he.ll that i can vote FOR those same exact things again. i dont know why people continue to give these people free passes.
  4. oh and jjjooeee, your sig makes no sense, seeing as OBAMA IS LOWERING TAXES FOR MOST OF THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY.
  5. wow, so some of you DO still blame Clinton.....Bush could be president for 20 years and we could have the same bs leadership we have now and you would continue to blame it on the guy before just because he's not affiliated with your party....again i say partisanship over patriotism...run the country (country = land and people by the way) into the ground as long we have a republican president. good lord. this must have been what it was like dealing with nixon supporters after watergate.
  6. McCain: Pro: Smarter and probably more ethical than the previous president. McCain: Con: Has same economic and foriegn policy that we are currently in, which is not and has not worked which can be seen and measured, unlike the empty words the conservative followers keep promising ("ok maybe not this past term, BUT THE NEXT TERM I SWEAR IT'LL WORK!") Obama: Pro: Actually a very intelligent person who will do what is best for the people and land of this country without letting ego and hardheadedness get in the way. Obama: Con: Could very well be assassinated by some neocon conspiracy theorist wh
  7. i think some feel as though (similiar to radical muslim) they are doing some sort of holy justice, much like those abortionclinic bombers....i don't know this of course, but it's my best guess.....
  8. the record broken was from 2004, you know that year that some of you voted him back in because he was doing such a fantastic job....you voted for those wealthy tax breaks as if it would help the economy, even in time of war.....well here is your boy....oh and he's still blaming it on Clinton.....at what length of presidential term do you finally have to stop blaming the previous president?....if we gave him 20 years would he eventually have to stop blaming the previous president? link White House projects record deficit for 2009Story Highlights NEW: White House spokeswoman says increased defic
  9. link this is another terrible tragedy.....this whole liberal-hate thing is going too far....why people consistently fume over a group of people that consistently fight to HELP the impoverished and promote freedom, even if they disagree on what policies to get there, baffles me...Hating a group of people that are essentially the ones who go for the underdogs...i'm not saying it's ok for the other way around but i could actually see people being upset at the current state of affairs (which is widely understood as "not good"), not upset at the people trying to change it....and yes i realize this
  10. I do not live in a global community. I live in the United States of America. I want my government to what is in the best interest of this nation no matter what other nation gets upset. That is what out government should be doing. When appeasing another nation at the detriment of our own nation is just not smart. Yes cooperate, but always keep what is best for your own country in mind first. Do you actually think other nations think, we should not do this because the U.S. will be upset, France for example. You want to do whats in the best interest of your country? you just said you only care ab
  11. I have no problem with people having their own religion. The problem comes in organized religion because people focus less on their spirituality and goodwill and more on what some loudmouth preacher tells them. These leaders gain extraordinary power by manipulating people via their deep-rooted beliefs. And when this crosses over into politics, bad decisions are made. and it becomes easy for politicians (like Bush/Rove) to just walk around claiming they are superChristians and patriots and get elected when they have no positive experience or the ability to do the job effectively. they work peop
  12. I'll never understand that about our country. We worry so much if an ADULT sees nudity or sex (which is natural) but couldn't care less if it shows mass violence and carnage.
  13. the so-called liberals were screaming for an alternate renewable energy source 20 years ago and were deemed tree-huggers by the finger-pointers on the right side of the political spectrum and waived off......now it's a matter that is a here and now problem we face....but nooooo, they didn't know what they were talking about..... for a party of people who wear their "seemingly" patriotism on their sleeve wherever they go, the neocons sure don't seem to give too much of a dam about their country....so let me get this straight, America is made up of it's land and it's people...neocons don't care
  14. here's my deal on healthcare: 1) those who cannot afford healthcare will finally be able to AFFORD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL(something it sounds like you take for granted) 2) I will not be paying for it because my taxes will be decreased by our friend Obama. 3) Those who choose can still choose to go their own way and not the way of the government's insurance way (aka, wealthy can still go to their wonderful doctors and won't have to mingle with the degenerates in the emergency room). for every example you post about someone not liking their universal healthcare, there are 100 going the other way.
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