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  1. Do us all a favor and drive that kia around the country and go to the away games too. 16-0 here we come lol
  2. I'll take a W for the Falcons over a new kia anyday haha
  3. What if you go hang yourself for trying to jinx the season?
  4. Aren't you the same fool asking for $1 per member to buy a jersey too? Not the best 1st post I've seen on these boards.
  5. Your'e a twat. Just because I don't buy season tickets I'm a troll? Go f4ck yourself. EDIT just realized it's an old post but still, stupid concept.
  6. I know. What a f3ckin STEAL for a 2nd rounder!!!!! A late one too since we're going DEEP into the playoffs this year! It's sad but true, he's hit the lowest point for a civilized being. NO ONE, not even his parents like him. hAHA. The only person that might like him is this excuse for a human being....
  7. Was about to post this but I figured someone should have already. Great article and Daniel Cox is one of my favorite Falcons writers too.
  8. I was just watching a little bit of the replay from Friday's game (Yes, I'm at work so I'm limited to just a little bit here and there) and I must say Kroy looked very impressive. I saw him running down a RB for a loss and then on a play that was eventually called back for holding, He ran down a receiver to make a very impressive tackle. He was a good pick and will do wonders for us in the long run. Him an Sidbury will make opposing offenses FEAR us in the near future
  9. Thanks. I can't wait for this season to get started already!!!!
  10. As someone stated previously, our replacement could be in a Falcon jersey. Tony is already mentoring them.
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