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  1. As much as I hate t say it, in his tenure in Atl I can probably count on one hand the number of big plays HD has made. I'd love to keep him because I believe the guy has a lot of potential and a new OC may open that up for him.
  2. Heard last night the Aints only have around $15 million in cap space which would make it hard for them to keep Brees, Nicks and Meecham. Looks like their run is about to meet the proverbial brick wall
  3. I like your thinking. IMO Green-Ellis is a nice pickup at RB. Ben Grubbs would come cheaper than Zuttah (who wants to stay in Tampa) . I also like the Terrell Thomas pickup, if he's not available I think we should look at Brandon Carr. Really like the draft picks, only thing I would change would be to take Wolfe in the 2nd (or possibly Vinny Curry who has good talent that can possibly become great under Mike Nolan) and Brandon Mosley in the 3rd. Very Nice Job "Krunk"
  4. I think Baked is cold garbage. Grab Brandon Mosley in the 3rd round, start Sviteck, don't look back.
  5. Cut, Sliced or Stabbed, I could give two $h!+$ what happens to hiz azz.....
  6. I never figured we would have a shot at Nicks, I think Grubbs would be a cheaper version at LG. What's up wit ya boy Brooks?
  7. That was GA Southern and they were perinnialy pretty darn good. Could it be Smitty? That was GA Southern and they were perinnialy pretty darn good. Could it be Smitty?
  8. Julio: Refuses to be stopped, caught and wants to score every time he touches the ball Spoon: ABSOLUTELY refuses to be denied by ANYTHING between himself and the ball
  9. ALL WR's have drops but 84 makes far too many mental mistakes
  10. I just wanna see more of that Weekend at Bernie's dance my boy does. Put some weight on him and turn him loose Nolan!
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