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  1. Kick @zz............... screw names

  2. Kick @zz............... screw names

  3. Hey Atlanta, You can borrow one of my D's any time

  4. Good to see ya back Shiney

  5. Hey man. I live bout an hour from Tally. And thanks..I plan on it!

  6. Mr. C 53, you from the T-town? Been in Tally 9 years. Knock 'em out at Troy this season dude.

  7. Nice Dunta highlight vid. Love that Young Dro too. Just what I needed after a rough workday. On my balcony with a stogie and some cognac. Nice job Boss.

  8. jtf worked beside the 101 air borne for a while in kandahar very professional first class men the 101 is

  9. Happy Birthday Rollo, is Lamont goin' out with you ?

  10. It was. Security clearance and the whole I Spy thing. Been in electronics ever since. Was in 24th ID Mechanized for Desert Storm. Who was yor JTF partnered with?

  11. crypto that must of been cool

  12. i was in the canadian army princess patricia's light infatry then a brief stint jtf

  13. love them big guns

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