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  1. **** you and your honor Tony. Take the easy road and let us ship you to a contender. We appreciate the **** out of everything you gave this city/team.
  2. 9-7? LOL our schedule gets much tougher towards the end. I can see us going 3-13 and thats only because we play the Buccaneers twice. For now we are better off trying to secure a better draft position. Our season died with Julio.
  3. Seriously? GTFO of here with this Mickey Mouse ********. The Falcons are done, exposed and just horrible. The only person earning their salary is Matt Ryan. Trade Gonzo to a winner and fire all of our coaches.
  4. We will get a nice draft position! This isn't good year to be drafting in the top 10.....
  5. Hey guys, didn't we beat the failhawks in the playoffs last year?
  6. I don't know honestly. I'll probably fall over dead from a stroke or heart attack to be honest.
  7. You people sit at your chair, looking at your PC and judge someones character over them poking a little fun at a guy on twitter. Yet, you are doing the exact same thing by calling them "pathetic", "childish", and telling them to "get a life" from the safety of your chair. I remember when poking fun at a rival team or poking fun at someone like "bedwetter" was, well, you know, fun? Now people run around like they are some sort of internet police casting down judgment on people for the same acts. How about you all grow up a little? This isn't the 80's or 90's. ****, this isn't the early 2000's. This is 2013 and social media isn't going anywhere. You better get use to it.
  8. A person has no life because the poke fun at a guy on twitter? right
  9. You stole my thunder, i posted that 1 min after you in the other thread. Looks good though
  10. I wish Grimes would sign with someone, anyone, us, them, Canada, I don't give a crap as long as these Grimes and Miko threads stop.
  11. I really liked his attitude and play. We'll miss you big guy. Thanks for your service while being a Falcon.
  12. Owned, with class at that.
  13. Tampa would be a good fit for him. **** lets just keep giving away all our starters to our division rivals. Lofton, Grimes, perhaps we can not sign Ryan and let him go to the Panthers. In all seriousness I would enjoy seeing Grimes vs. Julio or Roddy
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