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  1. They kept us all in check. We couldn't run or nothing.
  2. That's just one store, and the guy said, on typical game day, they sell about $300 worth of Eagles merchandise. They did well two days. They also said that Vick is 31. They guy just turned 29.
  3. Steven Jackson is going to truck people anyway. I was very impressed with the Run-D against the Lions.
  4. I don't think we will know until about week 1. I am thinking that they may give Middleton a try. If he plays decent at CB and returning punts, he will also save a roster spot. Weems had a great return, but the blocking was just as great.
  5. Trust me, these people knew. They just want to pour more salt into the wound. I knew it, but I could care less, because he was not alone. The whole team was lazy. It take more than one guy to win or lose it for the team.
  6. I think Peterson is just the only LB that we have seen so much of. He made some great tackles against the run. The guy is a very quality asset to this team's defense.
  7. It's only the racist ones that hated him to begin with. No biggie.
  8. Pretty much right. Squats are a total body workout.
  9. Really not much of a difference. He is a pretty good soccer player as well. You can bring 20 people out there. If they are not within 5 yards of him at any angle, they can forget it.
  10. I noticed that as well. He must have ate all of the food that Lendale White stopped eating.
  11. Hutchins played with the third stringers. Jackson made some good tackles. You really can't talk bad about any on the first team. Detroit really didn't present anything.
  12. The lies continue. Where at? The bogus defensive holding call? The offsides of the good FG attempt? Or the good coverage that he had on the receivers.
  13. His spin move was really stupid. Like Baldy said, he should have just jumped over that blocker. The real thing is, Detroit has just improved.
  14. You sir, are correct. These guys hate the guy, and starts to lie. Then they are trying to make it Grimes vs Owens. They are picking at the wrong pair.
  15. Yeah, he got burned by the same man that Grimes wouldn't allow to catch the ball. The lies about Grimes continue.
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