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  1. For an 'OLE FAN you sure eat the wrong Grits, brother. As for Jerry, I'll wait. But, I don't believe he is what we need. Bank on it.
  2. Because a disruptive DT can occupy 3 blockers letting more press. on QB's. Which is non-existent right now. We need a monster. It makes LB;s and secondary players better.
  3. HE suffers from is a good D T playing next to him. I never liked the Jerry draft.
  4. He was hurt quite a bit if you remember. That could of been a dream D-line. LE Chuck Smith-NT/DT Pierce Holt or "jumpy Geathers and RDE Chris "the primmadonna" Doleman.
  5. BS. he wanted out of Cleveland ever since Crennel was fired.
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