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  1. So how many tru DE do we keep on the 53 man roster 5? or did we keep 6 last year.... Our rotation of keeping players fresh requires some bodies...... Abraham Edwards Biermans Davis Sidbury I think stays... if we keep 6 then I like matthews mathhew mcarthy Stephens
  2. Yeah Kroy was there also I think....usually he goes to Indianapolis to a training facility there but decided to stay in the ATL due to the lockout and work with his teamates
  3. So how did Biermann look....was he the other starting DE? I would see us keeping 4 or maybe 5....... Abe Robert Sid Kroy then chauncey or is Biermann falling on the depth chart
  4. Kroy sure does take alot of grief for alot of fair weather fans. He is a freaking 5th round draft pick....whos outplaying your 1st rounder, along with sidbury and davis. There are alot of people to blame for the performance of this team vs GB. Ryan, the O line, LB and DB who wiff at a QB when hes caught flat footed when they blitz, along with the D Line, and self proffessed blame goes to the coaches as well.... and you wanna complain because because he has a "Fat Head wall poster" suck it up Ice boy
  5. the O line looked overwhelmed at times yesterday....Mularkey did at half time what he had to and that was roll Matt out of the pocket to buy him some time to throw the football. That eventually helped loosen the Steelers up and helped get the running game going a little bit late in the 4th quarter. Thats an interesting comment concerning Tony G...that we changed the O to fit him in and in doing so narrowed the focus of the Offense...I understand that he was a immenent threat at the end of last year since roddy was hurt....I think that will change as Roddy looks to be back in full pro bowl for
  6. Jamal gets a break because he was the 8th overall pick in 2007 and therefore our financial investment in him makes him untradeable and monster salary cap hit if you release him. He would of passed thru waivers like **** through a goose. If he would of been a fifth round draft pick....he might have been cut last year and then brought back after Jerry's injury. Fortunatley for Jamal and us he has the physical presence to slide down to DT and concetrate on just pure penetration instead of being the high profile DE with no stats. That being said...he does have a ton of god given ability that for
  7. Biermann has execeeded expectations and Jamal has done very little to warrant our investment in him. That is reality, That being said..I sat behind his parents and they are such good people...I hope he finally busts out this year,,,well I hope both Kroy and Jamal do
  8. I think it would really be cool if he gets a SB ring with Atlanta.....I think he retires as a Kansas City Chief. I cant imagine a scenario unless he plays another 10 years that he would retire as a Falcon...no disrespect but really come on you cant honestly expect Tony G, GONZO, Mr. 88 to retire as anything but a KC Chief.
  9. well im sure he is not worth a 1st and a 3rd....but I guess my point is when the whole defense is bad especially during his first year its going to be hard for him to not be the focus of every double team they throw at us....the Chiefs have gotten better though and I very much doubt they have given up on Dorsey.....I think Romeo will help and as the chiefs get better so will Dorsey... I would of been tough for Ryan to do what he did without the HEALTHY and qualtiy supporting cast he had his first year...Obviously the chiefs hope we have not seen the best of Dorsey...I hope so as well
  10. This is the most insane thread Ive seen...why would KC trade Dorsey especially for JA98....you can keep JA ..but it would cost you a 1st and a 3rd if not more to get him...just crazy talk becuase the falcons arent giving up draft choices...they are proud and smart and believe they can use them wisely enough to make up the difference....but those still believing have gone quite mad
  11. Have players facebook fan pages been mentioned here at all? I would guess they have but I know Kroy is putting his out there for people to join and get to know him a little better....watch his crazy workouts ect...if your interested pm me
  12. Naturally the 9/11 attack had more impact on the average American..One is an act of WAR!!!!!!!!! Being a ex-service member I really am disgusted that you would compare the two....Its an act of a jealous small minded individual to bring up 9/11 for your own selfish reasons.....Go ahead hate the Saints..thats fine they are a division rival...sure there are alot of people accross the country rooting for them for what they have endured as a city and for that matter the gulf shore region. I agree the gulf shore area itself doesent get the press New Orleans does but thats pretty easy to explain with
  13. Well KC wouldnt do that deal....Pioli is in KC in case you forgot. The whole idea that we could get a first rounder for Turner maybe a tough sell to begin with. Maybe but Im not convinced of it. I dont think Snelling is a #1 running back, hes a great #2. Maybe in 2 years you look to trade Turner but right now I think its a bad idea. I could see them trading Bab's but what would you get for a guy in legal limbo? Its always worth looking at but I dont see this happening.
  14. Nope nothing wrong with that at all....I think TD getting out of NE kind of started the ball rolling glad we were paying attention. Nothing like following the Jones's.
  15. If we decided to get a DE. Who do you get rid of? Its nice to sit there and say lets draft this guy and lets pick up this FA. But who do you get rid of? Davis is basically unmovable with his new contract and with his production this year you cant trade him and get anything for him. I cant see releasing him....so that leaves Jamal Anderson or Sidbury that you have to cut to bring someone else in. How many DE can we carry on the 53 man roster....5 is my guess. I just dont see how you can draft one or sign one without addressing who gets cut or traded. Sidbury is here for another year for sure..
  16. Odds are its KC..but Miami might be a second choice. Moving the Chains hosts Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan have him to KC and also reported this news about Miami firing their DC. I think if there was anything to it I would of heard it from them today as they are usually pretty dialed in on coaching changes...but you never know
  17. I think Kroy is a **** of a football player and contributes on Def and special teams. If he had to be the guy like Abe with no real support from the rest of the line at this point in time he couldnt do that ....heck Abe couldnt do it this year. Losing the interior guys on the Def hurt both Abe and Kroys production this year. that along with the secondary's play contributed to a down year for the def. I think most everyone agrees with this analysis. Kroy put on 20lbs of muscle this last off season and Im looking forward to another 15lbs if his frame and body cooperate. If he can keep the speed
  18. He was not a LB in college he was a DE in college with 13 or 14 sacks his senior year at Montana. He won the Buck Buchanan award as a DE in College.
  19. Yes it does.....I really hope it comes to fruition. Has anyone heard that Kroy Biermann is an alternate for the probowl? I would imagine its for special teams but hey its some good news for you. I doubt alternates know for sure for a while though. I think they just let them know so they can be prepared for the game if they are asked to officially come.
  20. Bad Idea if you ask me. He will do whatever is asked of him obviously but I dont think he enjoyed it at the senior bowl he played in. I cant see this franchise and this fan base giving Kroy 2 years to learn to play OLB. Jamal Anderson anyone?
  21. I sure hope its the Chiefs. We sure need it and maybe this would let our hot headed HC relax a little bit and coach up the players on our team. We got a little better toward the end of the year so lets hope that continues.
  22. Could you pm me this link.. Did something change on it..it wont work for me ....thank you thank you!!!!
  23. Kroy was never a LB in college....initially came to montana as a LB. Briefly played that position and may have red shirted but for an injury to a starter forced them and the idea was presented that he play DE. He wasnt crazy about it initially but....looks like it worked out. Then the NFL scouts forcast him as a LB. I think with his smarts, motor and strength...DE is his best position. He put on 20 lbs of muscle this off season....I wouldnt be suprised to see another 10 to 15 by next year. Hes not the kind of player that can play LB at 265...hes probably better suited to play it around 240. Im
  24. Post number 8 isnt looking up brother....step back and look at it. EXPIRED TAGS GETS U PULLED OVER AT 1AM or 1PM. Please busting someone who is to stupid to have tags that are legal and you get busted cuz the smoke got the cop high....please whats he supposed to do...risk his job for the falcons...and by the way..yes arrest him so he doesent kill someone while all blunted up
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