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  1. You are aware that Smitty was fired by this franchise and is currently employed by a division rival, right?
  2. A healthy takeaway stat is always a sure indicator of a physical defense. Well, that and seeing opposing players physically beaten down on their sideline. We've been seeing a lot of both lately.
  3. All true. As for the Seattle game, it was said that first drive could be attributed to a case of nerves. If that's the case, I'm glad they get it out of their systems early on, unlike certain Falcons' defenses of postseasons past who waited until the second half to lose their composure.
  4. Sure, and let's make Eugene Robinson an honorary team captain while we're at it.
  5. Yep. And our last two opponents were also stout against the run. Didn't really help them much at the end of the day.
  6. This is a companion piece to the excellent post made by knomercy regarding garbage time scoring against the Falcons defense. Highly recommended if you haven't yet read it. So, I was listening to Q speak on his radio show yesterday about how the D really began to "play faster" after the bye week. He explained that players were spending much less time figuring out their assignments and actually executing them, allowing them to showcase the more punishing brand of defensive football we've witnessed of late. I wanted to take a look at how this shift translates to the stat page, given how much we have heard over both the regular and postseasons regarding the statistical awfulness of Atlanta's defense. Listed below are the last eight games the Falcons have played, the scoring rank of each opposing offense and the points allowed by our defense (and only our defense) in each. ARI 6th in scoring, 19 PA KC 13th in scoring, 13 PA LA 32nd in scoring, 14 PA SF 27th in scoring, 13 PA CAR 15th in scoring, 16 PA NO 2nd in scoring, 32 PA SEA 18th in scoring, 20 PA GB 4th in scoring, 21 PA As we can see, 5 out of the 8 offenses we faced during this stretch were top half of the league in scoring (We faced 6 other top-half offenses before the Week 11 bye.) By comparison, the Patriots defense faced only 5 top-half scoring offenses the entire regular season and postseason combined (That's 5 out of 18 total games.) After their bye in Week 9, they ran a 10-game "gauntlet" made up of only one team that was top half in scoring, which didn't even occur until that 10th game last week. Before that, it was the likes of SEA (18th), SF (27th), LAR (32nd), BAL (27th), DEN (22nd), MIA (17th), HOU (28th) and the NYJ (30th) twice. I'll also point out that the only team NE faced during those nine games who was led by a QB who wasn't a total scrub, a rookie or both ended up hanging 31 points and a home loss on them. We can also see that the Falcons defense allowed below the league average of 23 PPG in 7 of those 8 contests. To the Pat's credit, they did hold top-half offenses under the league average 4 out of the 5 times they faced one, a home shutout at the hands of the Bills being the lone exception. Another aspect that rarely gets mentioned in all of this is takeaways. Over the entirety of the regular season, both teams were pretty middling in this stat, with NE amassing 23 takeaways (14th) to Atlanta's 21 (16th.) After the bye and into the playoffs, however, the Falcons forced an impressive 15 takeaways over those next eight contests. That is a game changing number. And unlike the Pats, they did it against some mighty potent offenses led by some mighty accomplished QBs - a group of six that can collectively boast 26 Pro Bowls, 4 All-Pros, 3 MVPs and 3 SB Championships between them. All that said, if we extrapolate Atlanta's defensive performance since "the light came on" over the last eight games to an entire 16 game season here are the numbers we arrive at: 296 Points Allowed (4th) 5512 Yards Allowed (15th) 30 Takeaways (2nd) And compared to NE: 250 PA (1st) 5223 YA (8th) 23 TA (14th) None of this is to say that NE's defense is to be trifled with. They are d*mn good and have been all season. But looking at how fast and physical the Falcons D has been playing over the last eight games, I don't believe they are as far behind as they are being made out to be. They are certainly much more battle tested than NE. And when you consider the rarely mentioned takeaway factor - which always seems to have a way of determining outcomes in big games against equally matched oppenents - along with our offense's season-long habit of putting our defense in a willing position to trade yards and points for clock, there's a chance Atlanta's may actually end up being the superior unit on NRG Field after it's all said and done.
  7. Not dragged down one bit. Just the opposite, actually. Part of what makes winning so glorious is being able to put blowhard fools on blast. Bayless, Smith, 70... all of them can eat it.
  8. That can't be right. It's common knowledge that Ryan always chokes in the playoffs.
  9. Nor have I. But his loyalty to his bloated ego and its unquenchable need to insult people to make himself feel superior has always been far stronger, unfortunately for everyone. All he need do is say the words "I was wrong" and I go away. If not, I antagonize him as relentlessly as he did us all these years. I've already got some choice unearthed posts in the hopper.
  10. 1-4 Oops. sorry... 2-4 Oh, wait... 3-4 Is it too soon to say that Ryan is a bit better than Tebow and T.J. Yates?
  11. Seen every single game. Sat in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium with the rain comin' in sideways, blah, blah, blah...
  12. Gurleydiggyshinyhoodornamentshannymagicalzoneblockingshinyhappyhomertroff. You lose. Again. Go celebrate elsewhere, troll.
  13. I used to work at Star 94 back in my college days and Seacrest was an intern there at the time. Think he went to Dunwoody High if I'm not mistaken. Whatever the case, he's a GA boy. For the record, I recall him being a really nice guy.
  14. I never in a million years would have guessed you're from south Georgia. Keep reppin', Skeeter.
  15. "Quoted by TonyMartin80" Finally! Have you ever considered starting your own thread instead of just commenting in others? Don't be so shy. Put some topics out there. A lot of them. If you can spare the time, that is. Just be careful that you don't actually make a statement. "I think it would help if white cops..." is not really what we're going for here. Rather, try "Do you think it would help if white cops..." Welcome to the boards.
  16. Have to admit the Angry White Male solidarity displayed today was pretty impressive. Not as impressive as when they blow away their wives and kids and co-workers, but pretty dam impressive nonetheless. Be proud, fellas.
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