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  1. He's been riding this act for years... http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3973635-sam-baker-contract-breakdown/page-3 Posts #45 and #55. Oh, but he's not Big Rob, though. Speaking of alt accounts, a big thanks to Swift for bumping the above thread before he was banned earlier today so that it was quickly and easily found in my browser history.
  2. How does a topic about Scott Pioli turn into a 20 page Julio thread? Actually, I can think of about, oh, 70 reasons how that could happen. Think it's safe to say we've entered Swift territory at this point.
  3. #needmoresugar #draftjohnnyfootball #santaclauseisreal
  4. As was already stated, Brady had 67 more pass attempts than Ryan in 2011 and 2012, while getting hit 29 times less.
  5. Thank you, young citizen. And remember... Don't do drugs, stay in school and always start your day with a nutritious breakfast.
  6. Not true. Seattle won that game because, unlike Ryan, Wilson can do this... #elite #swag #thisissportscenter
  7. Looks like we have reached the point where you just stop trying and start making up sh*t. As an objective realist, I should have known better than to try and debate with an emotional fanboy. Why don't we just agree to disagree on this one? I'll continue to believe in what I believe. You continue to believe in...
  8. What's even funnier is that his latest rebuttal to my accusation was to do exactly what I accused him of doing - yet again.
  9. No, he only had a 1,600 yd/12 TD RB - along with a top 10 defense and the most accurate clutch kicker in the game - to ride to a Super Bowl in 2004. Poor guy. And since you clowns always love to lump Turner, Roddy, Julio and Gonzo together as if they all played at the same time in peak health for seven full seasons during their respective primes, allow me to do the same for Brady. I believe the narrative goes something like: "Over the last few years, Brady has been SURROUNDED by elite weapons: A 1,600 yd/12 TD Pro Bowl RB, a first ballot HoF WR, a five-time Pro Bowl slot receiver, not one, but TWO 900+yd/10+ TD TEs, four Pro Bowl O-linemen, a top 5 defense, the best kicker in the game, the brightest OC in the game and arguably the greatest HC in NFL history. How in the heck did a QB who has been so coddled go nine seasons without winning a Super Bowl?" You know, being totally full of sh*t is kind of fun, actually. I think I get now why so many here do it.
  10. You were probably too busy researching what a designed rollout is to notice it the first time, so I'll just post it again. QB Hits 2010 Ryan: 69 (21st) Brady: 52 (28th) 2011 Ryan: 84 (7th) Brady: 71 (21st) 2012 Ryan: 83 (8th) Brady: 67 (21st) http://www.nfl.com/s...qualified=false When you get done with the rollout thing, look up QB hits/pressures and the ways in which they impact a QB's ability to effectively do his job.
  11. Which Manning receiver went to another team, period? A: None. Manning's best weapons have always been retained for him. What Brady receiver under the age of 32 went elsewhere and continued to be an impact receiver? A: Again, never happened. Although, I hear that Moss fella was OK even before he hooked up with Tom. Five Pro Bowls in your first six seasons is good, right?
  12. Cliff Notes version: Admittedly, that article doesn't address the particular seasons that Vandy cherry-picked for his recently discredited narrative.
  13. QB Hits 2010 Ryan: 69 (21st) Brady: 52 (28th) 2011 Ryan: 84 (7th) Brady: 71 (21st) 2012 Ryan: 83 (8th) Brady: 67 (21st) http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?seasonType=REG&offensiveStatisticCategory=OFFENSIVE_LINE&d-447263-n=1&d-447263-o=2&d-447263-p=1&d-447263-s=PASSING_QBHIT&tabSeq=2&season=2010&role=TM&Submit=Go&archive=true&conference=null&defensiveStatisticCategory=null&qualified=false On almost the same number of attempts over that span. Keep in mind that 2011 was Year One of "Explosive." That said, Brady still attempted more passes than Ryan during 2011 and 2012 - which explains why he was sacked more those two years. Wish I still had a PFF subscription so I could pull up total pressures. Looks like yours is the narrative that needs replacing. Have fun with that.
  14. Yeah, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that not one person in this thread ever claimed that Ryan was a "Top 1" QB. Feel free to prove me wrong. I swear, god forbid anybody raise a word against the "transcendent QB" narrative on this forum, lest the Realist Objecticons descend upon us, blustering, "Why... how dare you claim that Matt Ryan is better than Brady and Manning!" Talk about losing grip. Fact is, Brady and Manning both needed their fair share of help - whether it was offensive weapons, a running game, defense and/or coaching - to achieve their successes, just as Ryan or any other pocket passer would. Why this fact bunches the panties of certain members here so, I'll never know. Aaron Rodgers is the closest thing there has ever been to a transcendent QB, and even he needed his top 5 defense to bail him out of an awful NFCCG performance to reach and win a Super Bowl. Tell you what - somebody find me a Super Bowl winning QB in the salary cap era whose defense gave up 24 or more points in every single postseason game that year - as Matt Ryan's defense has in every single post season game he has ever played in - and maybe I'll start believing in magical transcendent QB superheroes. That's a 32 points allowed per game average Ryan has had to work against. H*ll, I'd be surprised if somebody could find a QB that even made it to a Super Bowl with a postseason defense like that, let alone win it.
  15. Would having a WR and an offensive system capable of amassing 702 yards after the catch - 150 more than the next highest YAC total from a WR and OC - also be something that every QB in football would love to have?
  16. So, no answer. Along with no answer still for the earlier question regarding who Ryan's weapons were in 2014. OK, so I'll let you educate me, since you're so knowledgeable. What you seem to be saying above is that a weapon is not someone a QB can specifically throw to, but any player or group of players that opens up the passing game. Did I understand that correctly?
  17. I'm talking about the same TE who in 2012 - the year in which Ryan was apparently neck deep in weapons -was ranked 24th in YPR and 14th in YAC among qualifying TEs. Which tells you Gonzo was good at basically one thing - posting up 10 yards from the LOS and catching a football. A nice thing to have, but hardly what I'd call a "weapon." I mean, Heath Miller put up nearly identical numbers (71/816/8) to Gonzo in 2012. Is he a weapon? Speaking of YAC in 2012, guess which NFL QB enjoyed having the #1 WR and #5 TE in that category to throw to? Hint: It's the same QB whose TE - mentioned above - was #1 in YPR.
  18. How was Turner a weapon for Ryan? He couldn't catch a cold. So, in 2008, Ryan was "surrounded" by Roddy White. OK. And you didn't tell me what weapons Ryan was "surrounded" by in 2014. But who couldn't see that coming, right?
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