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  1. You are aware that Smitty was fired by this franchise and is currently employed by a division rival, right?
  2. A healthy takeaway stat is always a sure indicator of a physical defense. Well, that and seeing opposing players physically beaten down on their sideline. We've been seeing a lot of both lately.
  3. All true. As for the Seattle game, it was said that first drive could be attributed to a case of nerves. If that's the case, I'm glad they get it out of their systems early on, unlike certain Falcons' defenses of postseasons past who waited until the second half to lose their composure.
  4. Sure, and let's make Eugene Robinson an honorary team captain while we're at it.
  5. Yep. And our last two opponents were also stout against the run. Didn't really help them much at the end of the day.
  6. This is a companion piece to the excellent post made by knomercy regarding garbage time scoring against the Falcons defense. Highly recommended if you haven't yet read it. So, I was listening to Q speak on his radio show yesterday about how the D really began to "play faster" after the bye week. He explained that players were spending much less time figuring out their assignments and actually executing them, allowing them to showcase the more punishing brand of defensive football we've witnessed of late. I wanted to take a look at how this shift translates to the stat page, given how muc
  7. Not dragged down one bit. Just the opposite, actually. Part of what makes winning so glorious is being able to put blowhard fools on blast. Bayless, Smith, 70... all of them can eat it.
  8. That can't be right. It's common knowledge that Ryan always chokes in the playoffs.
  9. Nor have I. But his loyalty to his bloated ego and its unquenchable need to insult people to make himself feel superior has always been far stronger, unfortunately for everyone. All he need do is say the words "I was wrong" and I go away. If not, I antagonize him as relentlessly as he did us all these years. I've already got some choice unearthed posts in the hopper.
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