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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/coachsampittman/status/1008475477059698688
  2. It sounds like not taking the Harris commitment was a case of higher ranked players coming at the same position, at least part of the decision. I've seen Harris ranked as an olb/DE so if that's the case we have Brenton Cox, Azzez, and currently Nolan Smith committed at his position. I've never seen Harris play and I'm sure he's a great player, but I got to believe Kirby had the others higher ranked.
  3. RB Anthony Grant out of Buford flips from Tennessee to FSU
  4. Wanya Morris out of Grayson just decomitted from F$U.
  5. Wanya Morris 2019 OT from Grayson just got a CB flip to UGA. From Demetric Warren so we may want to wait for a few more CB's before we get to excited.
  6. More good news on Pappoe, got 3 more CB's this evening, one of which was Rusty. Another from a FSU mod. Looks like Pappoe has been taking note of how we are using Roquan this year.
  7. Also, I really hope Owen Pappoe is hanging with Roquan Smith tonight because that is what he can be with his talent and some hard work.
  8. Man, we just got 8 crystal ball picks for Aaron Brule and 2 for Fields.
  9. Don't know if anyone on here listens to the Dawgnation daily podcast, but Jeff Sentell had a quote I thought was hilarious. He was talking to some dawg fans about the recruitment of Justin Fields and a guy said, "Jimbo has put as many Quarterbacks into Last Chance U as he has the NFL".
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/adananderson5/status/884601597610909696 Adam Anderson final 5
  11. Ezzard is delaying his commitment now, is that good for UGA?
  12. Looks like UGA has gotten 6 cb's so far today since Cook decomitted from FSU.
  13. Would love to get Cook! How realistic are the Dawgs chances with him?
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