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  1. Wanya Morris 2019 OT from Grayson just got a CB flip to UGA. From Demetric Warren so we may want to wait for a few more CB's before we get to excited.
  2. More good news on Pappoe, got 3 more CB's this evening, one of which was Rusty. Another from a FSU mod. Looks like Pappoe has been taking note of how we are using Roquan this year.
  3. Also, I really hope Owen Pappoe is hanging with Roquan Smith tonight because that is what he can be with his talent and some hard work.
  4. Man, we just got 8 crystal ball picks for Aaron Brule and 2 for Fields.
  5. Don't know if anyone on here listens to the Dawgnation daily podcast, but Jeff Sentell had a quote I thought was hilarious. He was talking to some dawg fans about the recruitment of Justin Fields and a guy said, "Jimbo has put as many Quarterbacks into Last Chance U as he has the NFL".
  6. In one of the updates I read, the coach at Hutchinson states that Wyatt may be able to enroll at UGA in January because his test score is "up in the air". My question is, if that is the case and he does enroll this January, does that mean he is guaranteed to redshirt next year because he did not graduate from Juco?
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/adananderson5/status/884601597610909696 Adam Anderson final 5
  8. Ezzard is delaying his commitment now, is that good for UGA?
  9. Looks like UGA has gotten 6 cb's so far today since Cook decomitted from FSU.
  10. James Cook just decomitted from FSU.
  11. Would love to get Cook! How realistic are the Dawgs chances with him?
  12. Does anyone know an estimated commit time for Kyler McMichael today or are we just going to get a tweet sometime during the day? Edit: Nevermind, saw he picked Clemson.
  13. Fields, Zues, and Wynn should bump us up quite a bit in the rankings!
  14. Alright, change of topic, gurley, baring injury, is obvious, but what juniors do you see possibly going pro after this year?