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  1. Schefter actually has something most of these "analysts" don't have: Journalistic Credibility. He never goes back on anything he said until he's proven wrong, in which case he just admits it. Unlike most of these joke reporters.
  2. Ha! They're barely long enough to pat his own chest!
  3. you're welcome. thats a shout out to the original reason the phrase, "carologic" was born.
  4. Yo some crazy messred up sh just happened to me dawg. Michael Vick just called me from prison. I was like "yo man whatchu been up to", he got kindof mad and was like "what do you think ive been up to dawg?". i said, "yo boy you better quit sayin that word, thats some irony or some shhh. i'd hate to be one of your dawgs." then he got even more mad but i calm him down by telling him vick75 got his back, he say thanks vick75 you his boy he knew the whole time. then he said sorry for makin u cry when he hurt ur butt so bad, he still remember ur anniversary. he say he love you and he want to marry
  5. he was off the line so fast, it reminded me of that carolina training camp a while back. remember how he was up and out of his stance before the ball was even snapped?!?!
  6. Regardless, if you give me the stats of Warrick Dunn and anyone else who ran on us, it won't total up to 137. I will be back with definite stats to settle all of this. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
  7. Oh. Well I guess I'm the ******* :P For some reason I thought those were the yds per game. Sorry Statz. I'm the idiot. :wacko:
  8. You are an idiot. We can't allow more rushing yds per game than we've given up a single game. Let me break it down for you: 48 + 116 + 121 = 285 Now, to take the average you divide the total by the number of games: 3 285/3 = 95 95 rushing yds per game allowed by our Defense. Don't tell lies cause you'll look stupid. Thanks.
  9. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!! WOWOWOWOWOOW, Panthers suck always will suck as long as you've got Diet Bret Favre lining up behind center and a midget that cries all the time as your best WR: ^--------Steve Smith HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. .....I'm barred out. =(
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