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  1. I agree...Not much of a home field with no passion. The Rams have been dominant on special teams and through creating turnovers. Without those advantages the Falcons should win as long as Ryan doesn't screw up and sarkasian is sober
  2. "GO, RAMS! City Hall in Los Angeles is lighted up in blue Friday, along with many other buildings in the city, in support of the LA Rams, who will face the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday in the NFL playoffs. #LARams #Rams" Lmao Rise Up!
  3. Great story bro...Falcons are eliminated from the playoffs with only 1 more loss...which will most likely come Sunday
  4. It speaks to his arrogance and privilege. Thinking he can do whatever he wants. He calls plays like it is all a big game, which it is, but not a video game or a game he is playing with friends - it's his job that he is paid millions for. He is s a product of nepotism. Falcons need to stop toying around on offense...and put a sound game plan together that features Ryan, Julio and Freeman's strengths. If not fire his ***
  5. Hate to break your heart because your avatar is a pic of you and him, but Matt Ryan is arguably the worst QB in the NFC South. Cam Newton is a former #1 pick who Superbowl winning QBs have called the best QB prospect of all time and he is probably the best player in the entire NFL and sure fire MVP as of now. Jameis Winston is another number 1 overall pick who has lead his team to two wins over the Falcons. He won a national championship and his potential is greater than Ryan's. Winston looks like the 8 year vet and Ryan looks like the rookie. In contrast, Ryan got destroyed in TB his rookie y
  6. Beasley is disappointing but he isn't a bust yet. Too early to tell but he's made a few big plays as a rookie. The fundamental problem is he's simply not as good as he was billed to be by draft analysts. Clemson is the best team in college football and certainly not missing him at all. So frankly he wasn't that good to begin with - Clemsons other defensive players are **** good without him...
  7. Not true. I never liked Vick after the 2004-2005 playoff loss and hated him after the dog scandal. In contrast I was a huge Ryan backer up until this year. Thought he was a star coming into his own in the 2012 season (even after getting destroyed by the packers and SHUTOUT against the Giants the two seasons before in the postseason) And even last year it was the defense or the offensive line and not him - even after the 34-3 debacle at home against Cam and the Panthers I thought he could still be a good QB but I had my doubts. Now, those concerns are real and I attribute most of his crappy per
  8. Winston ran 20 yards for a first down and threw the game winning touchdown. Mariota had an 80 yard td run and 4 td passes. Blake Bortles had 5 td passes. Tyrod Taylor had four tds. Cam was great as usual. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw four almost 400 yards and a couple of scores. Russell Wilson had 4 tds again. Even Blaine Gabbert looked better than Ryan several weeks after leading his team to victory on the road in Atlanta. STOP MAKING EXCUSES MATT RYAN IS THE SECOND HIGHEST PAID (GUARANTEED MONEY) QB IN NFL HISTORY AND HE IS EASILY ONE OF THE WORST QBS IN THE NFL THIS YEAR!
  9. You're right. I stand corrected. Ryan looks even worse considering Sanchez never had a top 5 NFL receiver like Julio....
  10. Horrible interceptions, costly miscues, backwards throws, fake hand offs to no one, turnovers in the red zone and when the game is on the line.....all he needs to do is butt fumble in a memorable way for posterity and the laughing stock is complete....this freaking season is a chit show
  11. Um, his team also crushed the Falcons on the road by like 35 points to end the season. Matt Ryan looked amazing that game! The lengths people will go to make Ryan out to be better than Newton is sad....
  12. Scam also lost his top receiver in training camp. This broard can't handle how good he really is. The Panthers would have had a good chance to go 19-0 if Benjamin never got hurt....in hindsight
  13. BS no one wants to even imagine what Cam and Julio could do if teammates....even the thought would cause TATF to explode!
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