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  1. Much better highlight video of him here: https://youtu.be/PHeBjCB1zew
  2. Edwards isn't explosive enough. He's just a slightly bigger/better version of Chauncey Davis...I'd rather have Kiawanuka but he's nothing special either
  3. Dez Bryant is awesome, i think Julio will be too lets leave it at that.
  4. The Falcons defense should be better because Dmitroff has been concentrating on building defensive depth ever since 2008. I like the Julio trade because the offense needs more firepower to win a Super bowl (as Green Bay demonstrated) but I do think the he was a bit prudent not drafting Dez Bryant (who is a phenomenal football player) two years ago. Why make that huge trade when a receiver of that caliber fell in your lap. All I have to say is Weatherspoon better become a legit LB...or that pick will cost us. Guys like Jerry, Moore, Decoud, Weatherspoon, Peters, Bierman need to step up this f
  5. Even so I had the terms confused. Your argument is that Green is better because his stats were better which is ridiculous, his stats were inflated considering he was featured more, targeted more and Alabama's offense was built to run the ball with 2 very good half backs. King had two big games with td's before Green came back because he was filling in Green's role of being featured. I'm telling you, you should be happy with this pick. I still can't believe Julio is a Falcon! YES Did you see Green saying this after the draft or Jones? - "If I have to block the whole game, I don't care. I just
  6. nice shirt nice boobs nice tan lol! I agree with the OP its quality over quantity at this point. Super Bowl or bust!
  7. Saints in that they got two good players, but they also gave up a pick that will be realized in the future. How about the Falcons had the best first round. They were originally slated to pick what 27th and ended up picking 6th? They got an elite talent to add to the former #1 NFC seed. Sounds good to me!
  8. I'm watching ESPN First Take, and Jamelle Hill and Ryan Clark are hating on the move...what do they say when the Falcons win the Super Bowl? They have no point they are saying the offense is already good so it was too much of gamble. What! Now the offense is even better! Ryan Clark knows how good the Falcons will be because of this so he's LYING! Jamele Hill is just dumb lol But Skip loves it!
  9. Definitely get him...and watch him get a decent contract too. He was totally miscast in a 3-4, needs to be a weakside 4-3 and given a year or two to suck and develop. Then he will be a good pass rusher
  10. Yeah, you are right its in reference to him saying TD wouldn't trade many picks to move up - it's not his style....that's why he said he was wrong
  11. I agree. NE hasn't won the Superbowl in 6 years and there recent string of piggybacking picks started after that... Hopefully we will be @ 32 next year I love Julio and am so excited to see what he will do in the Falcons offense. He makes the team a lot better than the 4 players we would have drafted with those picks. Were those players going to make the team, let alone play meaningful minutes? Would they be better than the guys we have drafted from 1-4 the past few year, Jerry, Peters, Owens, Decoud, Moore, Lofton, Baker, Weatherspoon? NOPE
  12. jidady, it was you and I defending Julio with a handful of others. I love how all these Georgia Homers are FORCED to root for Julio now after dissing him in light of Green's ability. I love it!
  13. He will be better than Hines Ward because he has a similar style but is bigger and faster than him
  14. No, Dez Bryant is better than both actually (best WR prospect ever according to Mike Mayock and me lol) We could have just taken him last year and I think TD deep down regrets not taking him. Dez Bryant is amazing talent, but Julio is very close without any of the character concerns
  15. Ding Ding Ding, this trade was good for both CLE and ATL. CLE needs to rebuild so more picks are needed to fill a dozen or more positional holes. ATL is ready to win a championship so quality over quantity is needed. 5 picks for a top 10 player is fine, if that player makes a difference We are talking about a team that had 6 3rd round picks in the last 3 years....how much more depth do you need?
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