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  1. Thanks to all the warm welcomes, even to you PhalconPhil. I'm glad your here too, being from Boston, I would have been concerned if all I got was a warm Southern welcome. But as to your point, I think your way off target. I am not a fair weather fan, not by any means (or a woman for that matter, but nice try). I am a serious sports fan, one that sticks by my teams through thick and thin. I have been, up to this point, an admitted "casual" fan/observer of the NFL, merely because I haven't been able to jump on the Patriots band wagon, not even when they where 18-0. I am a fan of a player that h
  2. I would like to introduce myself to all of you as a college football fanatic who is following one of his all time favorite football players into the NFL. I live in New England, Boston to be precise, and have never been able to follow the rest of brethren onto the Patriots band wagon. Instead I secretly wish they had moved to Hartford back 199. I don't like The New England Patriots. Never have, never will. I am a serious sports fan, and open minded. I am able to admit that I'd rather have Derek Jeter at short then Julio Lugo, I am able to admit that my beloved BC Eagles will never be that big
  3. They booed. because it was NY. The Jets and Giants fans hate the Patriots more then anyone else. But then again, the NY fans are probably booing for the whole NFL world outside of NE.
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