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  1. My man cave has turned into a playroom for the kids. Here is a photo of my wall decor. Here is a link that has some pictures of my old man cave. https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3881818-man-cave/
  2. What's up Padawan! Long time no chat! I haven't been on AFMB in a while. I find it funny that I happen to check out the board today and found you in a California topic. I remember creating a topic similar to this in 2008 called "California roll call". Anyways I'm from Sac as Padawan mentioned.
  3. Quick version of the link. 1. You Believe That The Falcons and Saints Have the NFL's Best Rivalry 2. You Don't Think the Falcons Get Enough National Media Coverage 3. The Name "Eugene Robinson" Still Means Something to You 4. You Still Can't Stand Bobby Petrino 5. You Fell Hook, Line and Sinker for Jim Mora Jr. 6. You Look at Michael Vick Like an Ex-Spouse 7. The SEC Fan in You Struggled to Support the Team's Choice to Draft Matt Ryan 8. You Remember When Roddy White Couldn't Play 9. You Once Viewed Thomas Dimitroff as a Consolation Prize to Bill Parcells 10. Your Initial Reaction to Mike Smit
  4. I found a photoshop picture I did in 2010. It was my 2nd photoshop picture ever, it took so much time so I stopped photoshopping.
  5. Congrats! I had my baby girl on 4/25/13 she was watching the draft with me in my arms while my wife slept.
  6. That's so funny that you mention lawn Gnomes because my co-worker emailed me this photo today.
  7. I forgot, i have a Falcon mug at home, thanks for reminding me. I'll get on that right away. I'll also make sure that HR get 4 100 foot banners instead of 1 so I can place it on each side of the sky scraper. MAN, I do need one of those. Thanks for looking out.
  8. Been a fair-weather fan for 12 years I use to be a fan, I only root for people who are on our 53 man roster. Awesome, would love to see your office.
  9. Thanks! I should have taken a picture of what it looked like when all the 49er bandwagon fans came out. They started hanging up everything 49ers. It was also funny how fast it came down when they lost the SB. Thanks! Everyday!
  10. Do your co-worker's know how big of a Atlanta Falcons fan you are? This is what my co-worker's see when they pass by my desk. Mind you I am sitting by 49er/Raider fans. What's the next Falcons thing I should get, any suggestions? ( work appropriate )
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