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  1. Them clodhoppers are his achilles heal. Looked like his feet tried to flip over.
  2. The good qb's like Eli, Brady, etc know how to move around in the pocket and buy an extra second. I dont think Matt is coordinated enough to do this. Seems to have clod hoppers on his feet.
  3. My question is could Matt Ryan with his skill set, whatever it is, have allowed him to make the exact same plays that Alex Smith made yesterday to beat the Drew Brees and the saints?
  4. Is it over yet? Have the Saints headed home?
  5. Falcons are a much lesser version of the 49er's. I guess thats why everone is rooting for the 49er's.
  6. Seems to me the 49er's and Alex Smith are the team the falcons and Matt Ryan have been trying be like all this time.
  7. We need a new Quarterback. Never should have drafted a guy 3rd over all that will never be elite. Thomas Dimitroff has made horrible draft picks and drafting a non elite QB 3rd overall in the draft is as horrible as it gets. And TD would have drafted this non elite QB #1 overall if he had had the #1 overall pick. The "young Dimitroff" drafting ability is and has been a sham.
  8. First of all the question was "PLAYOFF SUCCESS" and second the Denver backup took 8 snaps in practice according to espn. 790 is guys sitting around reading messageboards and talking sports.
  9. No way Stafford SHOULD win in New Orleans tonight. But I can see it happening just because of his arm and if Dree Brees lays an egg.
  10. or even Matt Stafford? This weekend will be very interesting to see who emerges in the playoffs. Matt Ryan has the easiest chance of the three considering experience and the teams they play today. Although there is this thing called Tebow time and Stafford is already putting up record numbers and is right there with Drew Brees throwing the ball.
  11. The Cotton bowl has become the best venue and stage for the world to see other than the BCS championship. To bad the sec east is pretty much not considered if any team from the sec west remotely qualifies to play in this game. Thats the thing with all these bowl committees.
  12. I just joined the group but it doesn't look like I can make any picks. Does anyone know if I can make picks on the remaining games? Nevermind I found where to make the picks.
  13. Unfortunately we don't have Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie but it may be fun to watch and pull for the clippers this year. They Thompkins, Leslie, Blake Griffin and now have Chris Paul in a trade. I'd like to see Leslie and Griffin in a dunk competition.
  14. So people are giving us a chance? I haven't seen anyone give us any chance to win this game. Sounds like they think we do have a chance if they think that about LSU.
  15. That doesn't make any since. A LSU Bama rematch would make UGA look even better if UGA wins the best conference title in the nation. UGA would have already proven who the champion is by winning the sec championship. I want to see an LSU Bama rematch especially if UGA wins today.
  16. Just got a yellow lot parking pass. the parking website said it was sold out and then I check again and it had an available spot.
  17. Can you still buy parking tickets online?
  18. Those two guys, matt and chuck are the biggest slime balls ever.
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