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  1. Tech's looked good, but my Lord!, Miss.St. is awful! Especially on offense, P U! Just P U!! Croom might not be long for that job.
  2. :lol: At Petrino getting it handed to him. Welcome to the SEC you piece of ****! I hope Bama lays 60 on ya.
  3. Guess you missed the deep out route to Roddy in the DET game where Ryan threw it 50 yds on a rope.
  4. You're cool. I think I have toned down my act quite a bit on here the last few months, at least I've tried to. We all have our differing opinions.
  5. Just say "no" to Ben Sheets. Now Sabathia, throw the bank at him.
  6. Hold your judgement on whether the Braves ownership is "cheap" or not until this offseason. That will be their watershed moment and when we really find out if they are willing to spend.
  7. Dude, for the last time, the BRaves offered him (Tex) a 5-yr., $95MIL contract in ST, and he turned it down. Now, if this doesn't keep you quiet then you are completely unreasonable.
  8. If you truly feel like this then you are a miserable human being IMO.
  9. If you truly feel like this then you are a miserable human being IMO.
  10. WOuld you really want the Braves to devote 1/5 of their entire payroll to one player? B/c if they'd of resigned him that's what they would of done. And the BRaves have a $102MIL payroll FWIW.
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