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  1. It's a 1-year deal. Joey gets his money as long as he makes the team.
  2. Yeah. Joey's gone. They're going to run him out of town. Except for the fact that they re-signed him just a month ago. But other than the fact that they just gave the man a guaranteed $700,000, yeah, sure, he's gone.
  3. Matt Ryan in the Boston Globe talking about his pre-draft meeting with Mularkey and Musgrave: "I don't think they were trying to stump me, really," Ryan said. "I think they just wanted to know what I knew. I enjoyed that meeting. A lot of it was basic football, protections, formations, route combinations, progressions." Don't think I ever recall the inmate formerly known as MV7 utter the words "protections, formations, route combinations, progressions." That's quite refreshing.
  4. Why would the Falcons take Otah and then take Baker at 34? We are moving Blalock to RT so we needed a LT. What sense would it have made to have taken 2 OT with our first 3 picks? And we traded 34 to move up for Baker. Had we traded up for Otah, the 34 likely would have been included in that deal as well.
  5. I watched every BC game I could last year, 'cause I knew the Falcons needed to build around a Qb and I thought Ryan was the guy. I'm a GT fan, so I was there when he shredded our top-25 defense while wearing our jersey because his was stolen. I watched him bring that BC team back against VT. Is he as good as I think he is?
  6. Doesn't matter who he faced (which would include all Pac-10 competition and Texas in the NC game), he allowed sacks at a clip of 0.005% of his plays. That's once every 197.6 snaps. 3-time All American. That's pretty impressive.
  7. Redman was 1 of only 17 NFC Offensive Player of the Week winners. The new staff thought enough of him to sign him to a $5 million deal. I predict he will start as many games as he is healthy to, and Ryan will likely be kept in bubble wrap until 09. I could be wrong about this, but I think they'd rather have Redman and/or Harrington take the bumps and bruises and allow Ryan to absorb the offense for a year.
  8. Do I win a reward for a post count.I'm going to be real 21 about the situation and ignore you.Are there any household items you can use to set yourself on fire?
  9. When will Sherriff Taylor shoot you in the face?
  10. You wanna say anything else, or are you set on Auto Response or something?
  11. Good job building up your post count by repeating the same thing over and over. Hope that works out for you.
  12. So the fact that they did not tell the world that Vick was not going to be the QB when he is released from prison equates with being dishonest? They didn't outright tell every team in the league, when they did not know for certain that they would be able to get Ryan, that they did not plan on Michael Vick being the QB of the Falcons in 2009, so they are dishonest? Sorry, having a tough time swallowing that one. Would you like them to have told the public, "Renardo Foster isn't our guy in the future, so we're going to draft Sam Baker?" Get off the Vick kick. He did not show his loyalty to
  13. So yeah, I'm totally down. I was telling the guys in my section last year that we were going to get Matt Ryan, so I totally feel all smart and stuff. And how do I change my avatar or whatever? Having trouble figuring that one out.
  14. I been reading the boards for years,I just had to post something about this.And obviously we all had to read it. 'Cause you told us so.
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