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  1. In either instance, wouldn't this be another year or two of Matt having to adjust to a new system? Wouldn't the adjustment be minimal with Gary?
  2. My biggest issue with Jordan is that he tackles too high too often. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. Aside from that, we'll see. Not gonna lie though, part of me thought it'd be cool to pick up Reid.
  3. We have $30 million in cap space. And that's before re-signing, restructuring, or cutting anyone. Julio's cap hit is fine. And he's the reason the rest of the offense can get loose so there's literally zero benefit to trade him.
  4. Seeing Coleman so open on the last play of the game (further) points the blame away from the direction of Sark. It also stings a little bit.
  5. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/09/10/falcons-sign-keith-tandy/ The Falcons continued a busy day of roster moves by adding a veteran safety to their secondary. The team announced that they have signed Keith Tandyto the 53-man roster. Their announcement also included confirmation that they have signed former Broncos linebacker Corey Nelson. Cornerback Deante Burtonand long snapper Jeff Overbaugh were waived in corresponding moves. Tandy spent the last six seasons with the Buccaneers after joining them as a 2012 sixth-round pick. His stay with the team ended when he was released as one of their cuts to get to the roster limit earlier this month. He had 176 tackles and eight interceptions during his time with the Bucs. In addition to those moves, the Falcons also signed defensive lineman Steven Means and placed safety Keanu Neal on injured reserve Monday.
  6. Alshon Jeffrey, like DeMarco Murray's last year in Dallas, had one year where he was able to stay healthy and live up to his potential. It was only a matter of time before he missed more games. Philly not being able to throw the ball should limit them, especially if our line gets after it. It'll be a hoss fight. But if we can get Matt some time, I trust our offense to score on their defense more times than their offense can score on ours. Unless Keanu does another tuck jump and knees the ball into the opponents' hands again.
  7. I was gonna ask this exact question. This person is obviously a member here.
  8. "He would tell him what he sees. He would give instant feedback on the way someone's playing something. That's the kind of information that can go right to the playcaller fast: the safety's playing this, the linebacker's playing this way. They're giving the information, sometime in the first 15 plays or so, that's what you're looking for: to gain information on how a team is trying to defend you. Greg is very quick to see that and be able call that out quickly so it allows the playcaller to say: if they're gonna do this this way, I can match it another way." Literally what Quinn says. Nowhere does it say anything about Knapp calling plays. In fact, Quinn differentiates between Knapp and "the playcaller" numerous times. He wouldn't need the distinction if they were the same person. To take this to mean Knapp is calling plays is a reach.
  9. Exactly. Not to say he’s been good, but it’s still a little early to throw him away
  10. Aaron Freeman brought up a good point about Riley: even though it’s his second year, he’s only played a total of 336 snaps or something like that. As a comp, Deion had as many snaps against the Chargers, where Rivers tore him up with crossing routes. I’m not saying Duke is the next Deion. But I am saying the jury is still out.
  11. First TO, then the Migos, now Ocho Cinco. We're poisoning our franchise folks [/sarcasm]
  12. I was also told that we couldn't touch Julio's contract without crippling the franchise for the next 57 years. And a fill-in radio show host said that we weren't signing anyone else because tigers love pepper and hate cinnamon.
  13. With Julio, Ridley, Sanu, Hooper, Saubert, Teco, and Free, we have any combination of 7 pass catchers on the field at all times. in the infamous words of Bart Scott, CAN'T WAIT!!
  14. Was it that long ago? Wasn’t it about the group that thought Mike Smith was an issue even though the squad kept winning at the last second and making the playoffs?
  15. Isn’t this what happened with Schweitzer (which is why we ended up signing Fusco)?
  16. Nonsense! The internet said we should trade him because no WR is capable of having a good year after 30, because they’re like RBs. And that the team wouldn’t miss a beat if he was gone for a future first rounder. Because those extra picks worked out so well for Cleveland. Why do you not want us to have a HOF Caliber receiver like Greg Little?
  17. How dare Julio ask for a salary adjustment that doesn’t even affect the cap or future deals getting done? Such a selfish diva after hanging out with the Migos and T.O.
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