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  1. The McClain signing makes so much more sense now. If he excelled at 3T in Dallas, pairing him with Grady at 1T fortifies the line even more.
  2. Nonsense!!! Julio should’ve been the target on that Sanu TD because the board told me he’s only great if he gets touchdowns. That’s the most important metric. Forget how teams play us when he’s on the field, we need stats!!! We got fever and the only prescription is more stats. This place will rise like a phoenix once it burns down when Julio gets the new contract
  3. That's not why racism exists. If no white person ever said, "That's racist!"* there would still be racism, as it is a system of privilege based on race. Pointing out the influence racism has on a society does not create or perpetuate racism. That's like turning on a light, seeing a roach run by, and then saying the light created the roach. *and he was only pointing out that racism plays a part in the criticism, since the players in the NFL are Black, and the ownership is majority White. I can't believe I'm defending Mike Florio. What has my life become?
  4. Lol @ people bringing up salary/potential salary like that doesn't prove Florio's point. I'm also surprised Florio wrote something so centered.
  5. No guys, The Migos are turning Julio into a thug, remember?
  6. It's about guaranteed money/security. As it stands, the team can cut him for the next three years with a minimal hit. Julio wants to be a Falcon, so he wants his deal restructured so that he has guaranteed money.
  7. Money comin' in, too much I can't hold, truckload. I'm hot, I can't be trappin' in the streets, that what the plug fo. And all I want is nachos. And all I want is Huncho. Pulls the strings like a banjo and the keys, a piano. These words are obviously about Matt Ryan too [/purple]
  8. Guys. They're not gonna know these are J. Cole lyrics and are gonna think Julio wants to shoot the Front Office. We saw it happen with the Migos.
  9. Because everyone knows if you miss camp, you're bound to have a terrible year. Just look at Aaron Donald & Leveon Bell. Oh wait...
  10. Since we’re all asking questions, how does one do that customized status with their username?
  11. How dare he attend a charity event?! Shouldn’t he know that a team rivalry is OBVIOUSLY more important than helping children? Doesn’t he know he should be attending the same voluntary, non-mandatory events as everyone else, even though people like Frank Gore (who’s played RB at age 35) say that skipping them help extend his career? I’m so glad we’ve got people around here to listen to and not actual athletes.
  12. It is a myth, a non sequiter, and a red herring that always comes up. Black-on-Black crime is just crime and is no more unique than crime among any other race. It only comes up as a distinct category in discussions like these when people want to ignore larger systemic issues
  13. But… but… I was told by AppleCare that he was hanging with the Migos and isn’t being a good teammate.
  14. Unrelated to Campbell, but I tried to PM you. It says I can’t.
  15. You can’t use film to contextualize stats in here, fam