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  1. Even though its pre season, the Falcons D played more like what I saw at training camp. I like that on two different plays both of our safeties from strong and free spots got tackles in the backfield. Stephen Nicolas was amazing in the run game. On back to back plays he held up the point of attack that allowed others to make plays in the backfield on Jackson. Looks like our guys had their heads buried in the playbooks this past week.
  2. Actually the Macellus Wiley I saw on ESPN was so funny, I was going to make a thread about it. When he was asked about Tony scoring touchdowns in the Red zone, Marcellus said " Red zone, Green zone, yellow zone, blue zone, it doesnt matter which zone he's in he's going to get the ball." Then talking about the offense on the whole he said something like. " You can't stack eight or nine guys in the box and say "alright Matt Ryan beat us" Because * eyes big and rolling " He will beat you" Then I thought I was going to die laughing when he was describing how fast Jerious Norwood is. The only par
  3. What are these boards gonna look like if we stomp the Rams. Christopher Owens gets a pick six on a pass he out fought Robinson for. What if the starting run D shuts down Stephen Jackson. What if?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  4. Jim, you are the KANG of editing posts.
  5. I see a good 1 page of jokes about this.
  6. Anderson is improving. Even though he didn't get to the QB this game. He was way more disruptive than he has been in the past. Instead of just getting stood up at the line every snap, he has shown some (considering it was the first game) ability to find ways into the backfield. Just from that aspect, his has improved.
  7. Yes we should bring him back to be a coach but not a player.
  8. I saw it. I wonder how much he got paid for it, because even though it wasn't real, getting beat in slow motion is worse than being posterized.
  9. How do you insert pictures? I took a picture that has them standing pretty close to each other.
  10. The second I saw Cris Cyborg, I figured it to be a beat down and was confirmed 4 minutes and 59 seconds later.
  11. "Usain Bolt tears ACL while trying to make his first cut while returning a punt in the NFL" That is what would happen if Usain Bolt came to the NFL. He has trained for speed in one direction, not at changing directions.
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