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  1. Did anyone watch Jones' last show on HQ? They specifically replayed a rant he made last year after the KC game about how historically terrible Atlanta is. It seemed like a weird addition to the highlight show almost like he holds a grudge against the Falcons. Did Matt Ryan steal his lunch money once or something?
  2. I would encourage you to go listen to the presser when TD and DQ processed the pick. They stated they drafted Tak to play end and get after the QB. We are not going to see Tak playing much off the line. I like Hall as an athlete, but I don't like him as a football player.
  3. I guarantee you that if he had the football character (CT) of Tak he would have been in play for this team. The dude will limp wrist around Carolina's roster for a couple of years as a perpetual low impact player.
  4. I love the way DQ is building this team. He only takes a specific type of player which is adding to the best team culture in the NFL. Just because you have a team of athletes doesn't mean you have a good football team and DQ understands that so well.
  5. I've seen the argument that they should have taken Lamp in the 1st round and then Hall in the 2nd and we would be better off.
  6. Hall has serious toughness question marks. DQ is never going to take a player that has toughness question marks. Go back and listen to the TD and DQ presser when they discussed taking Tak and they mention how they always go back and evaluate a player's CT (competitiveness and toughness) grade when deciding to take a player. Soft payers are not Brotherhood material no matter their physical gifts. This also explains why they took a player like Saubert when Bucky Hodges was still on the board. Hodges weaknesses include "lacks power and toughness". https://www.seccountry.com/texas
  7. When other team's current/former players make pick announcements they seem really prideful about their team. When a Falcon's current/former player makes a pick announcement they act and look like they cant wait to get off the stage. Riggs and Bosher barely got Duke Riley's name out before they were looking for the exit. No go Falcons or Rise up. I noticed this trend in year's past also. Just an observation.
  8. id be happy with that, however, rivers doesn't last until our 2nd pick. you'd have to trade up.
  9. I like Robert Davis. I see him as a better version of Sanu. Give him a couple years of seasoning, and he could be a very good #2.
  10. You can thank Falcons Wire. I included the link at the top of the post. There is no way I would have the time to put something like this together.
  11. Interesting article. Makes me wonder if Derek Rivers is a legit first round option for the Falcons. Sheds a different perspective on this years pass rushers. http://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/26/nfl-draft-2017-edge-rushers-by-the-numbers/ There are two types of NFL draft analysts; those that put a lot of stock in the athletic testing numbers and those who care very little about them. For transparency, I fall in the first category for positions on the defensive side of the ball. I think the tape and total college productivity are extremely important, but I firmly be
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