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  1. Looking forward to the college league again. If you got a spot in the NFL one let me know.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/BruceFeldmanCFB/status/1227000589843714049 "#LSU is hiring former #Vikings #Dolphins #Lions and #Cowboys OC Scott Linehan as the Tigers new passing game coordinator."
  3. Yea he said this was the guy who didn't want it to be out he was visiting. The one be took the video commitment on is a 21 kid tho
  4. Mike Dantonio retiring https://247sports.com/college/michigan-state/Article/Mark-Dantonio-retires-Michigan-State-football-143322565/
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/3wayyyy/status/1222947880367022080?s=20
  6. Guessing Buster slides in as QB coach? Figured he would have to have some type of position job. Didn't see him leaving an OC job for a QA job.
  7. Oregon hires Joe Moorhead. Good hire imo
  8. Think he was the best option currently out there, would've rather had King but he hasnt even made it official he is leaving and 2 its not a guarantee he would come here even if he did. Solid get but not expecting us to be some high powered offense all of a sudden.
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/adamschefter/status/1214580737409781761?s=21 Judge to NYG
  10. Foggy and LSU CB for Evans from Rusty and Kipp, think that should be all she wrote on that front.
  11. Could be wrong but I seriously doubt those tweets have anything to do with Evans, I'm sure the kids know we are taking 23-24 this yr. So of course we arent done lol - Still 2-3 spots left.
  12. Kinda thought the same thing but word is he was making calls 24 hrs after signing.
  13. I have no idea lol - I know in interviews this week he said he signed with a school. I think in one he said it was the school he wanted from the very beginning or something along those lines.
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