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  1. They're a private company and can hire and fire whomever they want. Is he entitled to his position? Thanks to the First Amendment, everyone is. Does that mean his employer should be forced to continue to extend employment to him no matter what he does or says, particularly if he can do and say things in a high profile fashion that will be seen by millions of people? Does it mean that ESPN would be "right" to continue employing him or would be "wrong" in firing him? Additionally, is this a right vs. left issue or a common sense issue? It almost sounds like you want hiring/firing decisions
  2. hurrr Jerry Richardson is a ****. *ignores fact that my team's owner backs him 100% and wants the exact same things he does* Obviously being rude to Drew Brees is worse than trying to negotiate a relocation while New Orleans drowned. Benson delivered you a ring though so it's okay
  3. The Panthers are going to have a DE rotation from **** if this carries over to the regular season. Meanwhile Falcon fans read articles from John Clayton and other "experts" about how great the Falcons are going to be and ignore the red ***** Carolina is giving to some of the top OLs in the league right now. I guess we'll find out soon enough. I'll part with this: "just preseason" or not, when you see a line getting their tail whipped consistently by three and four man rushes (see sack/fumble from Brown on Vince Young), it makes you think.
  4. Meanwhile Carolina puts up 18 sacks on good offensive lines and completely shuts down a 2000 yard rusher en route to the number one overall defense this preseason yet somehow remains a notch below the Falcons.
  5. Falcons are set for another 8-8/9-7 type season. Obviously this kind of sentiment isn't popular in homerville but we'll see I guess.
  6. 1. The Panthers have 11 sacks this preseason wait what was this thread about?
  7. shut yo mouf fans of other teams who are posting in a forum intended for you
  8. Yeah it was fun watching our weak defensive line full of practice squad castoffs and nobodies collapse the pocket and get constant pressure on one of the better offensive lines in the league with a vanilla four man rush.
  9. If people want to see Panthers photos so **** bad they can go find them themselves. Also I'm sure Pickles is thrilled that you're more interested in him than we as a collective fanbase are, WFW.
  10. Factual smack free argument as to why the Panthers are the team to beat? Well, I-okay this is hard. Rival fans don't like Jimmy Clausen's hair apparently, how's that?
  11. I think something's messed up with the board because posts from last offseason keep showing up.
  12. QB 9 Romo, Tony ACT TDS 26 INT 9 YDS 4,483 RTG 97.6 DAL He's no Matt Ryan, that's for sure.
  13. Hey check it out, I found a video of the Panthers being irrelevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JSHo8RQvyU#t=3m27s Right in the middle of the Falcons' 2009 dream season of super destiny no less.
  14. This forum leaves me shaking my head in disbelief at least once daily. And that's if I don't open a Shredman thread. Yes I know what words like "banality" mean but I have no ******* clue what the guy who started this thread meant when he quite literally posted a photo of a kitchen and more or less screamed "PANTHER FANS BELONG HERE" in the thread title.
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