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  1. Please put it on a 10 second delay. Those of us that have DVRs could sync it with Wes and Dave!
  2. I like to score right before halftime and get the ball to start the second half. Double Down!
  3. I will be 54 on Monday. How did that happen? My Grandad was one of the original Atlanta Falcons season ticket holders. He took me to my first game in 1969. I was hooked. I wish that I would have been able to take over his season tickets when he had to give them up due to his age but that wasn't in the cards. I became a season ticket holder in 2007. Same section at the dome but not the front row seats he had in section 234.
  4. Heath is a true hater. I'm not sure how he keeps his job being so bias. He is a classless jerk with a ax to grind. I mean be honest dude, I know we out performed you predictions, no need to hate. I only thought that I didn't like him as a player.
  5. Do you think we should pay attention to the offensive line and the defense line? Of course if there is a steel of a deal at safety or cb take it. It would not be a sexy draft but a draft that could make us strong in the trenches for years.
  6. Just something else the other teams have to prepare for. Not that he needs it but there is another reason not to double Julio.
  7. Doubters gonna doubt. Winners gonna win! I'm happy to be 5-0. I'm sorry that some are not!
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