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  1. I am awake and ready for the game. Gotta love redbull and vodka!!
  2. Here is my scenario. I don't see it too far off. I probably think to highly of the NFC South. I am not sure. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/playoffscenari...amp;17=11104410
  3. St. Simon's Island, Coast of GA. Originally from an hour north of ATL.
  4. I don't follow what your talking about. What video?
  5. My thoughts exactly. He is in contention for DROY and they forgot him?
  6. http://www.profootballweekly.com/PFW/NFL+Z.../rankings09.htm By PFW staff Oct. 28, 2008 1. Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher didn’t take on Chris Johnson in Guitar Hero last week. 2. New York Giants Will Plaxico be asset or distraction during critical stretch? 3. Pittsburgh Steelers How do you stop the Steelers? Check their glove box. 4. Carolina Panthers Living dangerously, but winning at home for once. 5. Washington Redskins Jason Campbell INT watch is 230 throws and counting. 6. Dallas Cowboys Terrell Owens thoroughly enjoying his role as decoy. 7. Buffalo Bills Eight turnovers in the two loss
  7. He is leading the team in total tackles, but not individual tackles. He is in on a lot of assists.
  8. I was surprised they picked Atlanta, but bring on the love!
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