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  1. I would be okay with it. Rex would look at this team and know the offense is the strength and probably just let it be. No reason to do anything drastic. I would like to see us run tr ball better an more efficient though. Defense needs fixed and overhauled big time. Maybe he can get whatever potential he can out of Hageman
  2. 3-12 football team though. We need an X's and O's guy I don't care if he is quite as long as he can out scheme another team.
  3. He was a great player for us awhile ago. But his time has come.
  4. Here is the staff I would like to see assembled. GM: Eliot Wolf HC: Todd Bowles OC: Dirk Koetter(keep offense in tact) DC: Vic Fangio
  5. Well we don't have the Panthers D so we can't pressure Brees
  6. Gotta play no matter what. If we lose he will have 9 months to get whatever it is Healed up
  7. He probably would be available as a DC here in a couple of weeks.
  8. Depending on how this weeks game goes IMHO. If he ends up losing this game I think he will get fired this week formally but be allowed to finish the season then it will be made public
  9. We won't really miss him anyways. Reminds me ALOT of a CB we had year names Chris Houston
  10. and how's that "Seattle" connection working out in Jacksonville? Just because a DC has a lot of talent to work with doesn't mean they could do that here. I want someone that has taken a team that is playing above their heads like the Cardinals and their injuries they have had. Todd Bowles would be a great hire. BUT I don't know if that would be my first choice yet. I would like to get a guy that can scheme against another team and play to our strengths.
  11. Hate losing. It's a mindset game. I don't care what our record is I just want to be in the playoffs and all that other non sense(coaching,GM change) can wait until January.
  12. It's always been that way in Atlanta. It will never change.
  13. I don't see it in Luck either. He makes way more dumb headed mistakes than Ryan. Leads the league on turnovers again I believe.
  14. Look at that QB gets rocked comes back and throws a BEAUTY of a TD pass. Clearly he sucks and gets rattled smh.
  15. Speaking of Rodgers he is 2/10 for 12yards can't be great with that stat line......
  16. If I lived in Atlanta I would buy 2 season tickets one for myself and one to scalp on the net. Try to come close to doubling my $ so my season tickets would basically be free
  17. You know who would be a good choice for DC if he gets fired? Ron Rivera
  18. Only advantage I see us having is Matt can spread the ball around even more so. I think he does a great job with that anyways. I would expect everyone to be involved today. Hopefully we run the ball better today and create more opportunities for Hester and HD. If Roddy is 100% I think we will be okay.
  19. I just don't see the fascination with Luck. High high turnover machine.
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