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  1. Give me the Ravens defense and we would be 16-0 with Matt Ryan. Flacco is not that good of a QB he is marginal at best. He is a manager of the game not a great player there is a huge difference.
  2. IMO i think we could have a quick fix on defense to tell ya the truth. We do need to bring in a few guy via FA and draft and you guys tell me if i am just crazy or on to something. First i would see what the Eagles are doing with Lito(i wouldnt trade for him but if he is cut we should jump) If Albert Haynsworth is not resigned im willing to bet you a beer that he is coming to the ATL:) We will also monitor some LBS out there as well. Brooking is done in the ATL and who knows what we will do with Boley. Suggs,Scott,Dansby,Hill,Paraylson are all going to be an option in FA. And also Manaluga and
  3. Im not sure if he is either but i think he said he wanted to be released or traded earlier in the year. And it has been discussed that he may not be back in Clevland. If we were going to give a 2nd round pick for Gonzo then i would give a 2nd for Winslow if TE is rated high on our board.
  4. Maybe in the 3rd or 4th round. We need to address the LB core first. Do we or dont we resign Boley? I would like to either get Manaluga or Taylor Mays from USC in the first round.
  5. Well since the guy we were going to draft stayed in school in(Gresham) i see us bringing in a guy like L.J. Smith if he walks because of the success of Celek. Smith would be a perfect fit here. He is a good blocker and a great reciever. I like Peele as well i think we could have a good trio of TE in Smith,Peele and Hartstock. I wouldnt rule out Winslow as well. I know he has a little bit of a characther problem but he is not in trouble with the law or anything like that i think its just because he is on a losing team that doesnt reall have an identity so he gets frustrated just like Moss did w
  6. The Qb i would want in here as a number 2 if he is available is Tyler Thigpyn. Athletic and had a good arm and improved tremendously since the last time we saw him in the dome.
  7. I played undercenter for 6 years and just recently went to the spread and i will tell ya as a qb the spread is alot easy to read defenses. But undercenter you can get the play action going great but out of the spread it is alot harder to do because you dont suck the 8th man into the box nearly as much. It is just alot easier system for a qb to adapt to the defense and you get that extra second to scan your reads and let it fire or take off.
  8. Can we get off of the Sean Jones bandwagoon. He is not very good. He is always out of position and doesnt make big plays.
  9. I love Norwood he is one of my favorite Falcons! But when his contact is up i dont see us resigning him. I would love to but he will ask for some doe and he wants the chance to be a starter. He would thrive in a west coast type of system. It never seems like the coaches know how to ever use him. I think he would be good with touching the ball at least 12-15 times a game on offense. But he must not be doing very well in places we dont get to see and that is practice. There is sopmething with that or he would be on the field alot more.
  10. 9-7 season usually get in the playoffs but there are tie breakers and stuff along with that. The number 1 goal is to win the division. 2nd goal would to win at least 10 games if ya win double digit games you always make the playoffs(except this years Pats) There are some teams in our division that i think may take steps back. The Bucs, they are un settled at QB and RB and even WR. Graham coming back from injury will see. Garcia is out and who knows if they will re sign Bryant, i hope they would if i was a Bucs fan. The Falcons and Panthers will be the best in this division for years to come.
  11. I dont know if that is the case or not but i would say we get 3 games on primetime. 1 monday night 1 sunday night and 1 on NFLN. I would also say we get 2 on the road and 1 at home. The road games being NYG(mon) Cowboys(Sunday) and home against the Panthers(nfln)
  12. I thought Ryan played pretty well. We had absolutely no running game. Ryan made 2 bad passes the second INT i kinda will put on White also for not fighting for the ball. Other than that he played really well and our last offensive drive he looked lights out just if our defense could have gotten off the field on 3rd and 17 Ryan would have led us to the win i can promise you that. And that is another point proved if Ryan had your defense they would have gotten off of the field without a doubt but he doesnt(YET)
  13. LOL!!! To be honest the more times i see him play the more times i say "GOD HE IS LUCKY TO HAVE A DEFENSE LIKE THAT", he does have a really big arm and i think he will have a good carrer but if Ryan was the QB for that team i would say you guys would be darn close to 16-0. Flacco is good and maybe great but Ryan is light years ahead of him and will go down as 1 of the "GREATS". The only thing Flacco has over Ryan is the big arm.
  14. Well 1st i want to say i am very proud of this football team they never quit on us and played very hard. Thanks for a good season. We won 10 more games than most people expected and we were in every game we lost. Kudos to the players and coaches. But we have some work to do this offseason and it all starts by doing this. OFFENSE- We have some real solid players on this side of the ball. I see us drafting a TE or see who is available in FA we need some sort of playmaker type here. I say draft Gresham or see what the Eagles do with LJ Smith. I am sorta iffy on the O-line. They played really well
  15. I like our offense ALOT a playmaker TE is all we really need IMO. Our O-Line is pretty good but i think we may make a push for at least 1. Now to the biggest glare we have on this team. Is the DEFENSE!!! we some how need to get another DE, Anderson hasnt panned out and i think it is time to move on from that experiment. We lack PLAYMAKERS on the defense. Our corners are average at best and that is something we have to get preferably in FA or trade. Our safteys are decent but if there is an upgrade available take it. Our pass rush is horride(exception of Abraham) as we ALL thought our linebacke
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