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  1. Look, all I am saying is Willis on TG man to man is a mismatch. That's why defenses know better than to do something like that on a consistent basis. In earlier posts it seemed you were trying to say that because TG has lost a step that Willis could guard him man to man without being at any disadvantage which I believe is not true.
  2. The whole point of debating is attacking the points you are trying to make. In one sentence you say TG on Willis man to man isn't a mismatch, and then in another you say Willis doesn't guard TEs in man every play due to scheming. Do you know why? DCs know that while Willis is good in coverage, he is not a lockdown cover line backer who is going to shut down down the opposing TE. Especially a HOF TE like Gonzo.
  3. Once again noone is saying that Willis isn't a great player, but if your coaches decided to put him on Gonzo man to man all game he would have a long day trying to guard a 36 year old TG. Willis would definitely need help.
  4. Who said Willis isn't a great linebacker? If anyone is not accepting someone for being a great player it's you. Tony G is in his 15th year (13 pro bowls) including being voted the "starter" this year over younger explosive TE's like Graham, Witten, and even your Vernon Davis. Come back and talk when Willis even comes close to the kind of career that TG has.
  5. Sorry dude, but back then Gonzo didn't have a Julio Jones and Roddy White on the outside to draw coverage away from him. I'm sure back then teams gameplanned to take Gonzo away by doubling him. You can't do that now, like the poster said earlier there is no linebacker who can cover Gonzo 1 on 1.
  6. This truly made my day. Lol! Keep it up, it may just be some good luck. We are 1-0 after your last vid.
  7. Understand your frustrations but my expectations are still the same for this team. How a three point loss and a loss to the defending SB champs defines us as a team? I don't get that the only loss that I really have a problem with is the TB loss, but hey even the Saints lost to them in Tampa. So my expectations are still the same barring our team taking some drastic downward spiral. If that were to happen then you would definitely have to start questioning the coaching staff, because it would be uncharacteristic of the team to do that.
  8. The actual coaches and players can't look ahead to games in the future, but we as fans can. Its part of what we do. If we are discussing wether or not we can run the table its not going to effect what the players actually do on the field.
  9. Honestly with this rivalry I dont think it really matters. To me it seems like every one of these games we play against each other take on an identity of itself. Its almost like it will ALWAYS come down to who executes and doesn't make mistakes. But back to the OP question, we most definitely can but its all about our teams attitude. One of the best things that I have learned about this team under Mike Smith is that they seem to respond well after tough losses. We shall see.
  10. The best thing we have going for us the next two games are that we're at home. We are still stout against the run and thats what both Tenn and Minn want to do. So I think our chances of winning the next two are very good. With theTexans losing Schaub our chances of winning that game also increase because with Leinart and with him being left handed they have to change the complexity of their offense. They will definitely lean on their running game a lot more but once again thats our defenses strong point. So I think we are very much still in the division race if N.O. stumbles. The only problem
  11. Big A. Are you going to answer my question? If the Saints lose to the Falcons, but put up big numbers stat wise are you going to go running around slapping high fives with fellow Saints fans because your team won the statistical battle? I'm just saying.....
  12. That's a lot of IFs there homie. All I'm asking is what will it matter after Sunday? Will you be happy with a morale victory even though your team lost? I mean if the Falcons put up big numbers stat wise against the Saints and loss this Sunday I would be pissed. I just want the win.
  13. Sorry Big A. I must admit I can't type that fast, I don't have an office job where I'm at a computer all the time. I'm a index finger typer. Lol. Anyways I like your passion for your team, I mean I already have these back and forth debates with family members being that I'm from New Orleans and all.
  14. Ummm I believe I came back to that thread, but I guess you didn't even look to check. Anyway if you seen what I posted afterward I acknowledged that you are great with stats and info. Really its quite informative being that I don't have the time to look up the stats myself. I'm more of a within the moment type of person, and the last time I checked both the Saints and Falcons have the same amount of losses meaning whoever wins this game Sunday will be in first place. The fuuny thing is even if we won the game, the Saints would probably still have better stats than the Falcons. It really wouldn
  15. Well since you can see into the future, I hope you will come back to eat your crow if the Saints lose. I mean heck, I guess they shouldn't even play the game on Sunday if we already loss...... oh wait, we didn't. SMH
  16. You know what was an EPIC FAIL? When the Saints went into STL the following week and........ well u know the rest. I would like to personally thank the Saints for opening the door for our team to take over the division due to their EPIC FAIL of a performance against the winless Rams. If we win the division, the Saints will be kicking themselves over that loss. I LOVE SAINTS v. FALCONS week. Its the best!
  17. I'm here homie. Had to put my lil one to bed. I knew if anyone would get the 411 it would be you.
  18. Well, well, well look who showed back up. Well since you're back can you please post the article stating that Julio was involved with the scandal please. I'm surprised it's not already up, I mean it is the "info master" I'm talking to right.
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