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  1. I swear since the lockout was lifted it seems like everything just slowed down.... I'm ready for some f*****n football LoL!!

  2. Think I'll be going to Friday night lights today.

  3. I believe both Coleman and Anderson are expendable... I believe Anderson has more value due to age and versatility. Coleman has served us well but has peaked and doesnt provide the playmaking skills that we need. He's too expensive for a backup. Anderson still has upside though... I believe the only issue we all have with him is where he was taken in the draft and the money. I put that solely on McKay and the Petrino camp for that debacle.... and I dont even want to get started on Chris Houston.
  4. I swear some of u fans are some scary mofos... i understand wanting to play the seahawks, but I feel that the hawks are just as dangerous as the pack if not more dangerous... the seahawks are playing without all the expectations which I believe makes them just as dangerous.
  5. If you watch the part when Porter got the "Stiff arm from ****" when he got back up he totally gave up on the play. He started jogging... LOL...he didn't want anymore of Lynch on that play.
  6. They deserved to lose that game... it seemed as if the Aints players had become arrogant and cocky. Whats funny to me is that they act as if they are a dynasty franchise or something.... I guess winning that ONE Super Bowl last year swelled their egos.... Lol!
  7. To be honest... Matty Ice was spot on with his prediction he did say we looked like a 13 win team b4 the season started.
  8. It's funny u bring up Spoon in this conversation... He definitely needs to focus on wrapping up and tackling the QB rather than throwing his body at him. He also did this against Josh Freeman the last game we played them.
  9. U know what Saintdogg... it's funny u say to change my hat to black and gold. U see I am a N.O. native... Ive never really been a Saints fan, but of course most of my fam is. Though the Saints did win the SB last year it's funny how all of a sudden there "Saints fans" started popping out of nowhere... I've always been a Falcons fan and always will. If u gave me a "black and gold" hat I would probably stomp on it. Lol! It's nothing personal, i'm just a die hard Falcons fan. I love talking smack with all my fam when our teams play. I know the history of the Saints and it wasn't real pretty til l
  10. Why is it that when the Falcons lost to the Saints (by 3 points) on Monday night everyone wants to talk about how we aren't as good as the other NFC playoff teams, but then the next day the so called "Best team in the NFC" Philadelphia Eagles get beaten by a bad team at home and it's because "they came out flat" or every other lame excuse? The last time I checked, the Falcons have the best record in the NFC and have only lost to three playoff teams. Two of them are division winners and the other (the Saints) would be if it wasn't for us. We have not lost to any teams that we are supposed to b
  11. I think we definitely need the 1 seed.... if we lose to Carolina at home on Sunday then we deserve to be a wild card. I seriously doubt we lose to the Panties simply because this regime has shown that they dont lose against teams that we are supposed to beat.
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