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  1. A stupid thread again lol I guess you have not seen his rating the last 3 games of playoffs hahaha
  2. LOL Another useless Thread HA! After Payton Mannings first year ya think he was the worst ... Now look and see how great he is LOL
  3. DUDE,, One I can't hear ya and Two, I think the coaches know they got the best out there! One player does not cost the game just like the FUMBLE. GEEZ ease up we lost get over it! PEACE
  4. Brees pass for over 400 yds against us in the first game and still lost. but go FALCONS!!!
  5. well, Here's my take. Call me what you want but I want the division Title as Champs of the South. Just like years before worst to first. So I want Tampa to lose to the Cats and the birds and hope The cats lose one. I will be grateful no matter how we get in the playoffs but I want to be Champs of the South.I would thought we would go 3 and 1 in the last four thinking we lose to NO cause cause of home field advantage. I feel we should win out at home and Thought if we get a good lead in the first against the Vikes it would take Peterson out of the game a little. PEACE!
  6. I can care less if Champ plays. If he does he will not be 100% Plus Ice Matt can spread the ball around and find the open reciever!!
  7. To me Its not about speed as it as much about running crisp routes which he does real good. I will take that any day.:w00t:
  8. Now see people, thats a good read! No negative,wish this,or yada yada yada bad post. Good one for a change and need more like these PEACE:D
  9. Well Good1 Maybe he will learn from the past and be better this time around or just waller in your sorrow! PEACE:D
  10. No one could honestly answer this question truthfully ......... So guess on........another bad post
  11. yea right.. Like we need to bring back marion Campbell,Jerry Glanville, and Jeff George. your funny.. ignorant post. who are you people?
  12. Atlanta falcons=Dumb?? Dude..Get of your mama's computer. You have know football knowledge period! Worst post ever!
  13. No great shakes here, but just a litttle fun and maybe a smile..Peace:D
  14. Vote if you dare. Like to know how this Board really feels. I believe its all good and excited for the season to start!
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