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  1. I think it was pretty clear this would happen. This guy has 2 near misses. Why wait for the 3rd possible strike?
  2. In my opinion he is our best C, but I wonder if the coaches think he is so much better than our next options at G that it trumps the upgrades he brings over Hawley. Even so I think we lose the stabilizing input he brings to the line at C by holding the line(pun intended). Just have to have faith in the coaches I guess.
  3. If the run game is not much improved Matt will get killed on these.
  4. 4200 because I don't expect him to be throwing as much. Better run support and defense.
  5. The Ax thing is just poor pronunciation like "skreet" instead of street. Or "Falcums" instead of "Falcons" lol. My question is why do white guys have such a easy going attitude about "nut punching" etc.? I went to a majority white school in hs and college. And even today I notice young white males doing stuff like this to each other. This is grounds for a fight in most black circles.
  6. not really, remember black water? He ran and if not for Tywinn and Tyrioin the Kingdom goes down.
  7. Jacksonville I would post the whole article, but I'm not sure that is allowed here.
  8. 31. Atlanta Falcons 2014 Ranking: 30 Top five players: Julio Jones, Desmond Trufant, Matt Ryan,Jon Asamoah, Ryan Schraeder Starters who should be upgraded: Tyson Jackson, Charles Godfrey, Jake Matthews, Patrick DiMarco Analysis: Ryan is one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the league, but he has shown he needs help for the Falcons to be a winning team. The state of their offensive line will once again be a concern, with Matthews in particular needing to take a huge step forward after an ugly rookie season (he allowed seven sacks and 51 total pressures). Trufant is on the cusp o
  9. I mean come on, you can't make that even seem possible. Its arrow lol. I'm thinking we get the ATOM taking over for Oliver as he heals. Felicity being the conduit
  10. Knights of the old Republic video game story was like that. The wiki fleshes it out really good.
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