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  1. I totally agree. He’s a different animal. Bigger and stronger especially in his lower body. OTs engage him but aren’t able to just reroute him easily. He presses the curve to the QB. Good arm length. Tenacious. He also knows how to convert speed to power. Something Vic just couldn’t do. He’s got more than just the speed rush but his speed rush is more effective because of his hand usage and leverage. Im obviously biased but I think the difference in the play style, violent hands and multiple efforts is night and day.
  2. Hurst is definitely more talented but I still believe Hooper is better all around and obviously more proven. Hurst can take a jump this year in an offense that isn’t going to run 70% of the time. Lol.
  3. We still have a lot of time for the price to go down on some of these vets before the draft. That said...I think we have 2-3 critical spots. CB, DL, LG. Any of those are a possibility. I personally would like to see DT Kinlaw Drop or CB CJ Henderson at 16. I think DL is our top need with just a slight edge over CB. I say that because if we going with young CBs everywhere we will need a stout DL that can get after it.
  4. Why would we? Maybe a late rounder to add to the mix. We have already shown plenty of trust in Ito. B Hill deserves a shot at being a starter or at least lead guy in a platoon. Ollison runs tough and def has potential to be good in this league. I’m not for wasting a pick on a position where great RBs come out of latter rounds. Swift is a stud but we don’t need him like that.
  5. A probowler is a bust?? Neal had gold for us. He makes the run D better and has improved as a coverage guy.
  6. He may not. He isn’t a super impactful LB he is just a good all around guy. Can blitz cover and tackle. I hope we keep him because there isn’t a big market for playmaking LBs available.
  7. Lol he’s been solid for the saints. He one of the quality guys. Highly touted Teez Tabor and Q Wilson from a couple years ago are likely gonna wash out.
  8. This hurts but it’s the truth. Lot of great college guys. Few quality NFL guys at CB. Sigh lol
  9. Wagner is definitely thicker but I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 234-238 lbs. that’s 10-12 lbs more. Don’t get me wrong that makes a huge difference when Newton’s laws of motion are in play but overall that’s not a big difference. We aren’t talking about a 225 pounder vs a 250 pounder. It’s a 10 lbs difference. Debo just isn’t physical enough at POA. It’s a skill too. Wagner sheds blocks. And either way they are both being attacked by guys who outweigh them by 70-80 lbs.
  10. Joe Staley is a HOFer and McGlinchy is a up and comin RT in this league. Matthews has a great season last year but he has regressed terribly. It may be the system but their guys are playing well and ours just aren’t. Talent means little if not coached properly.
  11. What’s crazy is that Seattle didn’t build their DL. They drafted their secondary(LOB) and they drafted their backers. The DL was bought. Quinn never got us quality DEs and none with the capability of M Bennett. If you are going to replicate what you had at least find similar pieces. We have a good quality safety but he is a converted CB and a 5th rounder at that. The key pieces have to be studs in a 4-3. Never found a pass rush. Never found the big physical zone CBs. Debo is a good LB but he gets pushed around vs the run a bit. Wagner isn’t much bigger he is just a **** of a lot tougher va the run. Oliver looks like a mistake but willing to give him another year. We need the right pieces and with a top 5 draft pick we should be able to obtain some real playmakers. Especially with the extra 2nd we have
  12. DQ is as good as gone. I still believe TD is a quality and good quality GM. He made it clear he brought in guys to fit the scheme. He brought in guys for DQ. The guys just aren’t panning our and then some vets are just on a rapid decline. Trufant was a top 10 CB and now he is barely an average starter. Campbell in 2017 was a force against the run and a quality guy in pass coverage. Now he gets all his tackles 10 yards down field and is beat by RBs and TEs with ease. Our pass rush sucks but playing from behind makes them suck even worse due to lack of opportunities. This team is lost. We need fresh direction and accountability. Where we get it?? Idk but Quinn can’t rally after 2 years of subpar play from a talented team.
  13. This is extreme hyperbole. Coleman ran for 800 yards last year. We saw the same things out of him. Big burst and big gains. Missing holes. Bouncing outside when there was yards to gain inside. Still struggles to make the last guy miss. He is benefitting from a good OL in SF and a genius play caller in Shanahan. Y’all forgot Freeman had 2 1000 yard seasons under Shanahan and was a TD machine. Coaching matters. OL play matters. RBs can’t just create on their own unless their name was Barry Sanders. Freeman is still highly effective when given space and opportunities. Talking about Brian Hill on 1 carry late in the game is asinine. He had a great game last year at end of year. He still is no higher than 3rd in depth chart. I hope he gets more opportunities because he runs with conviction. That said. Let’s kill all the Freeman bashing because of Freeman had a solid OL he would be wrecking havoc.
  14. This year our team is 1-7. We lost our 1st round OG to injury and we just suck at getting the job done. Freeman is a victim of this. Julio and Ryan having great seasons and we are just a bad team right now. Stats don’t tell the whole story.
  15. Not sure if Chubb or Jacobs is past him. Maybe they will but not yet imo. Fournette is injury prone and MGIII hasn’t been much of a force this year. He doesn’t repeatedly whiff. That’s your perception through biased filters. He is definitely top 10 still and his ability is recognized all over the league. He’s also a 4th rounder. Every other guy up there is a 1st rounder outside of AK41