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  1. That would be nice. I think Najee brings physicality and drive we have been missing since Turner.
  2. We got the best out of Rico. After all he was a good leader and played better than his 5th round pick would suggest. In the end. Too small. Too slow. He had good hands but that was about it. He also didn’t miss many tackles he just could barely get guys down. Great story. Average player. He will get a job because of his leadership and preparation. I’m a gator but it may be time to move in from Neal as well. He’s lost a step. Maybe he’s a Nickel Backer but he’s not the enforcer or playmaker he was before the injuries.
  3. Surtain isn’t some sure thing. First off he is a 4.5 guy. We don’t know what scheme we may be running but that doesn’t bode well for CBs in man. He also is tight in the hips. I see more Isaiah Oliver than I see Richard Sherman.
  4. Should have developed him and Ollison more this year. Signing Gurley was a waste. I’d bring him back as a 3rd or 4th back but I want more versatility , power and speed back there
  5. Surtain isn’t worth a top 5 pick. Not at all. I’m on board with him and I’d love him around 12-16 just not that night. Also...I think we need to go after a guy like Simmons frfr. We have a lack of talent in the secondary. AJ will improve as he took plenty lumps playing a tough schedule of top WRs. A rangy FS will help out both corners. I want a scheme change on defense though. Cover 3 ain’t it unless you have a good front 7.
  6. I would. WR is one of the last things we need. We have no pass rush. We don’t have a single elite DB. WR doesn’t improve this team. At all.
  7. Been screaming this for the longest. The scheme is so good and the plays are so good Ryan had a MVP season on a 7-9 team in 2018 with Sark. Still we need our own identity. We don’t have a running game and our OL is still porous at times. We need to revamp the whole thing. I know that means another OC for Ryan but we can’t replicate 2015-2016 with Shanny
  8. That’s disrespectful. Dre was probably one of our most physical players. He had limitations in coverage but was a solid player. We could have done a lot worse and we are doing just that. The scheme sucks. My sons high school team runs it and gives up tons of yards all the **** time.
  9. Jalen Collins was a playmaker. Oliver can’t make a play. Collins had playoff int and FF that helped rout the Seahawks and Packers. Just a bone headed dude. Smfh. I liked him
  10. It’s killing Julio who could be setting all kinds is stupid records. Ryan leaves it short too often
  11. Oliver has no makeup speed so when he is beaten at the LOS he’s toast. The safeties aren’t impacting the game much at all. Foye isn’t a starting LB. he’s depth. He doesn’t have the instincts. Cominsky is fine in base but I don’t see anything regarding him pass rushing. We need a veteran pass rusher and we need a real starting LB to put next to Debo.
  12. I think we are ok but a vet addition is always welcome. Takk is playing for his career. Dante is out to prove he is worth the money. Grady is a monster already. I also like what I’m hearing about Cominsky inside and out. I think Davidson gets brought along slowly due to injury so I wouldn’t be mad at another outside guy because Idk if we have a good sub rusher who can spell Dante or Takk. Means is not that guy and I have little faith in Charles Harris
  13. He’s plenty fast but idk about faster than the 4.2 speed Gabriel. I do want a threat back there. Anybody can just catch it. I want a guy that can help flip field position. Really hoping Rowland is the guy.
  14. We need a veteran CB who can start. Oliver and Sheffield will take some lumps. I believe in both but Oliver gives me pause. It’s year 3 for him. Boom or bust year for him.
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