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  1. We watching the same guy?
  2. So what are you saying? I like Ollison as much as thr next guy but Hill has shown ability to burst around edge, fight for the tough yard and pass pro. I think he edges Ollison out and may jump Ito even though Ito has a knack for being slippery in short yardage and around the endzone
  3. Hill doesnt attack? Dude has a different mindset this time around. He runs aggressively and finishes runs. Not a lot of hesitation in him now.
  4. Yea Quinn likes multiple looks. He's running the show so I expect to see us align in what matches up best to offensive tendencies.
  5. Im a bit curious what kinda of base D and alignment we will have. Allen Bailey and Vic Beasley listed as starters. Looks like a 5-2 or Hybrid 3-4 personnel. Im happy with getting the big guys on the field. We usually never run more than 2 backers. Vic can play SLB in some packages. Either way....ready to go!!!
  6. 2 sacks in playoffs year 1. 1 each game.
  7. Grady has gotten better every year. His improvement and will to dominant will help out everyone. Then you have Takk...a vibrant character but quietly avg 7.5 sacks a year over his 1st 2 seasons on a team lacking pass rush. He also is top 10-15 in pressure rate. 2 playoff games.....a sack in each of those. He has the same indomitable will. Vic is a guy who wins with certain attributes. Thing is....if you feature those attributes and put him in favorable matchups he can produce. His 1st sack in Dallas Game and his 2 sacks vs Brees(1 called back) showcased uncanny quickness off the ball and lateral agility. He is a physical stud. Quinn hands on will get him to 8-12 sacks this year. I dont question his heart but his drive has to be on 110% because with his speed...his effort can get him easy chase down sacks.
  8. Idk bro....the shoulder goes does the head. It was a terrible call. Dude looks good though. Ran with power....showcased some speed to the edge....finished. I like it. Based on his last couple games....he looks like he is fighting for the #2 job and not a roster spot. Ollison and Barner fighting for #3 now.
  9. He looks like he belongs in the NFL in his first preseason game. He isnt lost out there and he is making plays. He lost leverage on one play but he looked like a ambitious young player. Im excited about where he is right now coming from Charleston.
  10. This is very dismissive. I understand we arent talking about probowlers across the board but you need each and every one if these guys on your team. Rico does a lot more than just work hard. He makes plays....TD saving PBUs and tackles. Timely INTs. His leadership is invaluable. Young players always talk about how vets bring them along. Roddy was trash til J. Horn. Julio speeds up Ridley's learning curve. Vic has his best year with a sackmaster veteran aside of him. Campbell looked pedestrian with a porous DL and young inexperienced secondary behind him. He's a great tackler and he is an average to above average starter all his career here. Teams wish they had a quality LB like him. I think maybe you need to reevaluate how you classify players. Kazee leading league in INTs isnt a might be special it is for a 1st year starter. Takk averaging 7 sacks a season and being top 10 in pressure rate last year. Clayborn is also a top 10 pressure rate guy based on snaps.
  11. P Just not a scheme fit. Don't understate his ability though. He plays deep halves very well
  12. Not true. Guys is a very underrated FS. He isnt quite the Cover 1 deep guy but as a cover 2 safety or playing over the top of a side....he holds his own...well. really a shame he doesn't have a job
  13. Bailey is a good veteran coming off career year. He fits DQ's mold. Athletic and versatile. Provides great run D and has some chops to get to the QB. Best thing about this is how much of a crunch TC will be to see who will be the 4th and 5th DT. Bailey may be slotted as an DE but he is a 3-4 DE. Hageman still gets me the most excited. This dude has a ridiculous combo of size, athleticism, strength and nastiness. When he goes hard he looks like an probowler. Great depth now. Bailey, Davidson, Grady, Senat, J. Crawford and Cominsky. Each guy is a good bit different from the other so it means OL will have **** trying to prep for our rotation.
  14. You are undervaluing pressure. Coaches talk about getting QBs off their mark. That disrupts the offense. Thats very valuable as PFF has Clayborn as above average to good in pressures the last few years. Thats more than we can say about any DE we have outside of Takk. Clay has also had over 5 sacks at least 3 seasons in his career. He's better than most realize and its not a fluke....he just abused a backup...same way Vic did in 2016.