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  1. That's my only issue with Campbell. I feel like the only way to feature him some more is blitzing. He is already a solid run defender and cover guy. The job he and Debo did on Zach Ertz and D. Goedert week 1 was phenomenal. That said he doesn't make any splash plays. You look at the Cowboys new duo....Vander Esch and J. Smith make plays on the ball. Same when Tommy Davis and Kuechly in Davis' prime. Our most immediate example is KJ and Bobby in Seattle. Both guys make game changing plays. Debo is a stud and affects the game regardless of who is next to him. Vondre looks like a solid starter and not much else. I want to upgrade his spot in a year or 2. Maybe Foye is that upgrade eventually...maybe not.
  2. Exactly what people are missing. We need that base DE that can be stout vs run and rush the passer. Micheal Bennett is the prototype and that's what I want. I don't want a 290 lbs penetrator next to Grady, I also don't want another 245 lbs DE playing in base defense. We need to replace Shelby and Reed and I think we can get a guy who does what they do but better.
  3. Yea I don't want to set the bar with Donald. That's unfair to other elite prospects. Donald is a generational talent and has been since his college days. Yes statistically he measures up to those guys. He has lived up to the pressure but he also faced plenty of talent that wouldn't even make it in SEC/ACC much less the NFL. I would never draw the line and say because of that solely Im iffy on him. DeMarcus Ware was from Troy, K. Mack from Buffalo. I think he is a very good prospect but Im also thinking scheme fit and need for us. If we didn't have a Grady Jarrett then I would be ok getting a smallish guy. We all watched Poe leave our defense along with Rubin and we got gashed. I think a smaller pass rusher bodes well for a high octane offense but when you need to stop the run the avg weight of your DL cant be 280lbs or you are gonna get smashed. I know Oliver is a stout run defender but I would have loved to see him do it in a major conference. The last statement is what worries me. I think he can be an elite pass rusher but our defense needs more than just pass rush from the DT spot especially since the fit next to grady would preferably be a 0 or 1 tech 2 gap guy like Poe was but still with some pocket push.
  4. This makes me curious. Rashan Gary more highly touted than Ed Oliver? You would think from what we here on the boards that Oliver is cant miss disruptor. R. Gary might be the better player when its said an done but I just like the mold they are in. 2 tough guys who play inside but I feel like would be better in the NFL as base DEs and kick inside vs pass. Interesting that Gary's name isn't getting shout out like Oliver's.
  5. Im not big stats guy, however, there isn't a metric in which Alford was graded out better than Trufant. In 2017 where people think Alford was our best CB, Trufant was graded as #19 cover guy in league. Alford was #30. They both have same amount of INTs in 6 years. Trufant has 10 more tackles in 10 less games. Trufant is the only one with a probowl season. He is significantly less penalized over the time frame. Now there is the 2 or 3 big time INTs that Alford has but they don't mask all the penalties. Trufant gets this wrap as a guy who avoids contact but dude is a sure tackler and doesn't miss many. If Trufant gets flack for not chasing down Chubb then Alford gets just as much for not bringing down Brees with Poole in that game. You can cherry pick plays but overall Trufant is just better than Alford. Lets think about the 12 dropped INTs over the last couple years. Dude could lead the NFL if his hands were better. Alford isn't even in position to make them plays.
  6. Those are great numbers. He is absolutely a freak. I am super impressed with his measurable even if I am not so swooned by his sack numbers. I think he has all pro talent in him. However, part of the process is seeing how it translates and projecting it to the NFL. The reality is, you don't go chasing after undersized DL unless they have shown ridiculous ability. Donald had not 1 but 2 different 11 sack seasons in college. That's in 13 games. Ed Oliver for all the explosion and TFLs you would think you see more than 10 sacks. I just don't know if we are going to hit the jackpot and get Donald-lite or if we are gonna get a situation pass rusher who isn't that great at getting to the QB. If drafted Im hoping for the best as he has a high ceiling but due to his size, his floor is also super low.
  7. Donald is also insanely powerful at 280 lbs. I havent seen that out of Oliver. His highlights scream undersized speedy guy who will get swallowed up by technicians in the NFL. He is 4 yards into backfield before play gets going half the time. Its not like he is putting up crazy sack numbers. He has 10 in 3 years. Donald had 30 from the DT/DE position. Vic had 33 in 4 yrs so you cant put all your eggs in the production basket but still worth reference. I still like Oliver but more base end/nickel DT role. Problem is Jack Crawford is already that guy.
  8. Well I am NOT joking about VIc and Crawford being starters. That is in anything other than the Nickel and Dime packages. I think both guys can be good pass rushers and they both were effective in limited time. When you ask a 285lbs DT/DE and a 245 lbs DE/OLB to be anchors for 3 downs, they get worn down and their pass rush takes a big hit. These 2 need to be kept fresh for passing downs. They had 11 sacks together, I think that number could be 15 or better if we can hold leads better and provide more opportunities. I want to see us draft or sign: A. Bigger 270 lbs + DE/DT type that could kick inside at times. B. Bigger 320 lbs + DT who can push pocket and command double teams. IMO these 2 additions with the retention of Beasley and Irvin at fair cost fixes the DL. Irvin also doubles as a SLB if necessary.
  9. TD has been great at drafting. We definitely have some holes but on the OL but not because of effort. Injuries and depreciation killed us. I agree that we have to stop the 'stopgap' mentality and get some fixtures on the OL.
  10. Grady and Jack were forces rushing the passer. Grady was an overall stud last year and played amongst the elite or bottom of elites. Takk has quietly been the only consistent DE. He had 6 sacks last year with a sack in each playoff game for 8 sacks total. He had 7 this year on a team that has slim to no pass rush chances because we were down in games and couldn't stop the run. That's actually pretty impressive considering he is still learning the nuances of the position. Outside of those 3 and flashes from Vic and Irvin we sucked bad. Got almost nothing from the base DT McClain and the rotational ends Shelby and Reed were marginal when healthy.
  11. Right. I think Poole is safe as he is an RFA. He will be back on a tender. Oliver is a 2nd round talent and he was drafted to start on the outside. I think some more adjusting to NFL speed and he will be ok. He has to marry himself to the outside technique and turn Sammy Sideline into his best friend. That's a big part of playing Cover 3. R. Sherman kills it with squeezing WRs to the sideline and using his length to make plays.
  12. I think Irvin Vic and Takk all can be 8 sack guys on this team. I think Takk has the highest ceiling due to his motor and power to balance his speed rush. He can be a 10 sack guy. The problem I have is that all 3 are light and we would need a big base DE like Gary or Oliver to help both vs run and pass
  13. He looks to be more in the Micheal Bennett type of guy. A strong base DE who can slip inside in nickel. Rashan Gary is another guy who could provide the same. We dont need 3 of the 250 lbs speed rushers. We need s big DE who is stout vs run as well.
  14. I love Devin White. Think he is going to be a stud but we cant get him outside the 1st and LB is like 3rd or 4th on list behind OT/OG/DL
  15. I mean regardless I think we are super thin at LB. That even if Foye turns out to be a good starter and if Duke proves to be reliable depth. Thats 4 solid backers including Dre and Debo. We need to bring in another Vet and draft a potential replacement for Dre if he isnt going to be retained. People compare him to KJ Wright but he isnt quite the playmaker KJ is.