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  1. Oliver may have found a home at the nickel spot. This staff and the previous staff acknowledged how well he played after moving inside.
  2. True indeed. We could possibly have both of our safeties of the future already in him and Richie. I thought he looked like a player in college and he was very solid in limited reps last year.
  3. Yea definitely. I mean he gets to come in and compete for the 4th WR spot as well as the 2nd HB spot and KR/PR duties. I think he gets touches but probably as not as many as he would want being that we got 2 good TEs and 3 good WRs. RB out of backfield or on 3rd down might be his niche
  4. We’re really not in bad shape. Mike Davis is really a feature back. He is just limited by average speed. He runs hard and can make people miss. Easily our #1. Ollison has proven in limited touches that he can grind for us in short yardage and on goal line Patterson is a wildcard. He’s essentially the speed back everybody is Lookin for. He can handle the outside zones as well as counters and sweeps and such. If you look at it like that, you’re going to have a nice committee and then we can add another element and competition for the 3rd spot in this round
  5. I think we got a lot better in coverage. I think Harmon Harris and Grant are more rangy than the guys we had. Our. Safeties got faster so we can cover more field. Our CBs are a push but potentially better of Oliver improves any and with the expected improvement of AJ.
  6. He’s like a rich mans Kazee. Gonna be all over the field. Hopefully limits the mental mistakes.
  7. I couldn’t agree more. The only reason I wanted Etienne is for how he would complement Mike Davis. I personally think Jevonta Williams is a rich mans Mike Davis. Build low to the ground. Runs through arm tackles. Wiggle to make you miss but brings 215-220 lbs to smack you if you get complacent tryna to tackle him. I want to go S T Moerhig because the defensive talent in this draft will plummet after this round. That said I would be a ok with Williams solidifying the offense
  8. LB is not a need. Deion is not hit or miss and we have Mykal Walker on the rise. Foye can be resigned for relatively cheap. We actually need a real pass rusher or 2. We don’t have one. The last thing I’m gonna do is take a versatile backer who is better in space and ask him to be our best pass rusher. You don’t take non elite pass rushing LBS in top 5 when you have a probowl MLB and major holes elsewhere
  9. He’s not a true pass rusher. Hes better at everything else that he does. I don’t see him worth the #4 pick when we have 3 good LBs
  10. So what is he gonna be? The guy is really only getting better.
  11. I believe this team is gonna win with offense. That doesn’t just mean lighting up the scoreboard. Clock management. 3rd down conversions. Sustained drives. A. Real. Run. Game. I think we may double dip on offense and get Arthur is future lead back. He has a system and it works. Give me Etienne with his speed and balance. He and Najee are likely goin late in 1st or early 2nd this year. If it’s not a RB. Options are really open. A road grading OL, a DB who has dropped, safety were high on, etc.
  12. We give King Arthur his new Knight!! Sir Kyle Pitts! He’s an offensive guy which Is personally what we should have had since 2011 imo. A wizard with TEs. I’ll take Pitts and in the 2nd I want to give King Arthur a feature RB. Etienne is preferred due to his ability to hit home runs.
  13. This right here! Duron is underrated but Dude is as solid a starter as it gets. Mike Davis may or may not be the lead back depending on where we get our rookie RB. Patterson adds a weapon to the offense. He can line up anywhere and he is still a very adept return man. I’m excited to finally have a guy back there who can make big plays more then once or twice a season.
  14. He’s been solid. He isn’t getting cut for poor performance like some bum. He’s a quality DT/DE for cheap.
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