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  1. I think we come into Lambeau confident off The Arizona win and catch The Pack off guard with our newfound aggressiveness and pull off the upset of the season.
  2. Whatever record we finish with and still win the division we still start the playoffs with the same record 0-0.
  3. I'm expecting us to win but, it definitely won't be as easy as last time.
  4. That loss made me so angry I could have threw the remote at the TV (Good thing I was watching over a friends house).
  5. This was one of the toughest losses in franchise history and I think we all need a break from anything Falcons related. This team has proven they lack the toughness they preached during Hard Knocks (while some other teams with injuries seem to find a way to win like Detroit) and have made a gag reel of blunders on the field this season. Hopefully Mr. Blank will do what is needed during this time to at least restore some confidence in this franchise next season.
  6. I'm glad that JJ is taking responsibility and hope that it spurs him to be the type of player we all knew he could be.
  7. We have rallied before to salvage a season before so hopefully our guys can dig deep and finish strong.
  8. The defense was actually disruptive for a half last week so I'm willing to give Nolan the benefit of the doubt.
  9. I'm going thanks to my friend who bought me a ticket. I'm always excited to see our team play and this week is no different. I was there in 2008 when we came back to win against The Bears with 11 seconds left and this one should be another exciting matchup.
  10. I'm in a Falcons group on Facebook and everytime we lose the whole board implodes with who should start (Antone Smith), Who we should release (SJax, Worrilow, and OSI), and who should get fired (Smitty, DiMitroff, Koetter, and Nolan). Im constantly looking for solutions instead of posting negativity for what goes wrong every week but, I understand the frustrations of other fans.
  11. We need to get the ball into our playmakers hands anyway possible. I hope to see more reverses, play action passes, and screens to our guys the rest of the season.
  12. Whenever Sapp, Evans, or Dukes talk about the Falcons I hurry up and change the channel to save my brain cells.
  13. I'm not fearing any team on our schedule this year. Games like these will only make us better and hopefully by playoff time give us an edge.
  14. I say we continue to establish something special. 31-21 us.
  15. I'm usually a take one game at a time person but, this team has me excited in a way that I haven't been in awhile. Sure they have to clean up some things and the schedule is very formidable but, we are in for a very special season.
  16. Me and a fellow Bird lover hi fived and watched the Ain't fans start to leave in droves LOL.
  17. Most younger fans don't even realize how deep older Falcons fans hatred of everything Saints related is. Mine goes back to the old NFC West days when beating them was the only thing that mattered besides winning a Championship.
  18. With this being my 37th year repping this team the only things that worries me is getting to The Dome early and ready to cheer for my guys.
  19. Great work as always Gritz. I want us to beat them so bad that they will have flashbacks of the 70's when we whooped them regurarly.
  20. I basically laugh at whatever negativity the so called experts dole out against us. Most of them probably haven't done much research on us besides going off what we did the past several years so let them hate.
  21. He will be a good player one day but, for now will have some growing pains like every rookie experiences. I trust Nolan will dial up something to account for him.
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