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  1. Hey, I'm the second one from the right, the one in the.......well, never mind.
  2. Amen brother. I hope Dimitroff addresses front 7 next offseason. I love the Falcons.....but hey, you want 'em to get better to win bigger games other than week 3 against weak teams.
  3. Lawyer carries around a lot of $1 bills.
  4. Well, they beat KC and Detroit....and suffered a beat down against the only good team they faced. On top of that Johnson ran all over 'em today....more yards than Turner had. Pragmatism is a good thing. I'm a fan....but I'm not dillusional.
  5. I don't talk politics in here .....you pinko commie. :P :P :P
  6. my luckly day. Unlucky in my estimation of yards for Turner though.
  7. Me and Lawyer Milloy are headed out on the town.
  8. Well, I'm just using it as a measuring stick......God knows when Bierman gets his sack before Anderson....the board is going to go crazy. I take that back......go "crazier".
  9. Quit trying to use sound reason and logic. Don't you know you're at the Atlanta Falcons message board.
  10. Sad thing is though as a rookie, he looks better than Jamaal. But, I didn't start this thread to bash him....God knows enough people are already doing that. I hope Anderson doesn't read message boards.
  11. I think Bierman came real close today...but if I'm not mistaken all his sacks were in the preseason.
  12. No more criticism of Anderson till Bierman makes a sack. Heck, even before Chauncey Davis or another DE other than Abraham makes a sack.
  13. you laugh....people will post by the end of the day how we need to keep Vick. ....and they won't be joking.
  14. GIVE PEACE OF MIND A CHANCE and enjoy the game :P :P
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