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  1. 70s and 80s. Should have never changed anything…except the losing. those were dirty.
  2. Share the same name as my son, breaux! Happy Birthday! God bless!
  3. Wow...brother! Who just farted at the orgy. Valid yet sad point.
  4. "Human water bed" Love it! Mad props for the metaphor.
  5. Really wouldn't mind for either Ray or Collins.
  6. Hails yeah. I hope so. Kid has some DAWG in him. Pitbull in a kitten factory
  7. Some perennial winner team will pick him up and get even better. Ballsy move if we took him at 8. I'd give them props for that-at least.
  8. They say you can't coach up size, arm length, speed, etc. you can't coach up relentless either.
  9. Great interview! I really like the idea of his charity. Seems like a good dude
  10. I'll most likely miss it due to work myself. If I happen to catch it on my commute- I'll do a recap.
  11. Don't think it has been posted yet. Just heard on the ESPN radio that this was going down tomorrow morning. It will probably be short and shallow (the usual Mike and Mike palaver), but just wanted to alert y'all.
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