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  1. Great post. A little perspective to losing to a much better team please. Plus, were not there yet and it is showing. We need to keep improving.
  2. i agreewe don't look prepared and as well coached as last year.
  3. No it wasn't . It was an audible fo the linemen and one time it was a pass.
  4. Yeah we are too. Don't be absurd. We just need to string together some wins. My goodness. This game is behind us guys. We might as well act like it never happened.
  5. It's this simple folks. The answer to our woes thus far would be to keep pounding the rock. We have got to keep Turner and Snelling involved in the third and fourth quarter. We could have won this game this way, and the Seattle game wouldn't have even been close. Why the heck are we not getting serious about finding more ways to run the football.
  6. I feel better after a good night sleep. Someone wisely posted a topic that it isn't MM's fault. Well I believe it. The first half comprised a good MM game plan. The second half was in Ryan's no huddle so basically guys we have to get better at adjusting and our wide receivers have got to challenge themselves. We lost a hard fought game to the best team in the NFL. On to next week. Everyone keep their heads up! I mean it now. We need to try to win our division. We got a good football team. next four out of six games at home I have us at 7 - 4. Have a great day.
  7. Thank you man! I'm glad others are seeing this. Ryan sucked last night. And I am a Ryan believer, but he is not seeing the field this year folks. It aint MM.
  8. I love it man. I wonder what in the world they think of young S Weatherspoon acting so ********. Lol. I can't wait to see it every week. And I love it that like who knows who will be the guest on D Block. It 's great that Africa was on! Keep it real!
  9. And we are 2 and 2. Hey I was excited to see us ENDEAVOR to go back to playing our style football. I know it's not popular on this board l8tly but I'm going to say , against an nfl defense, our offense is tough to stop and that will be the case this weekend at the Ga dome. We are going to give GB ****. Smith and co. have ALWAYS corrected the fundamentals when they have slipped since he's been here. Matt Ryan is going to be focused! I just wish / hope Snelling and Babs are healthy! Two good football players right there we could use. Falcons fever is coming upon me again and I hope it gets you too! Can you feel it coming?
  10. We need to mx it up. My hope is that BVG will be able to call the game "not scared" for his job. Just get out three and give them ****. We have corners that can hold their own in man coverage in a blitz.
  11. I'm going to respond with something I've been suspecting for a while but never mentioned. I think that Smith and MM have a wedge between them as far as the play calling / working relationship goes. And I think it stems from the fact that MM is so highly regarded by the FO that it makes him hard to coach from Smiths standpoint. Ie Mularky has been a head coach, and was offered a head coaching job this past off season.
  12. Me Too!!!1 Man this is the kind of football we need to play. The big plays will come to us when we play like this.
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