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  1. In some of the Scouting reports I read he was the #11 CB and a 3rd round grade. Definitely, mentioned he was grabby and tend to get penalties. Feel, we have a string of those CB's around here. We'll see but thought there were better players to be taken.
  2. Scott Case would be mine. However I know a majority of his hits would be flagged today but he could intimidate like no other.
  3. I would be interested. Currently in a 12 team pretty standard dynasty league that has been running 25 years (been in it for 20) running on CBS Sportsline. That's my only league currently. Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks!
  4. Nice Mock MSalmon! My thought is I like Cam better than Dobbins for 2 (well 3) reasons. 1) Dobbins body has taken a beaten with the number of carries he had in college. 700+ in 3 years, Cam had about 100 less (which is fairly significant)) 2) Cam has slightly better hands (which is a must in this offense) and if Akers could run behind the Seminoles OL, then you know he has vision, instinct, and toughness.
  5. Definitely agree if the game was closer, it would have been a tossup between Matthews and Oliver. The times that Oliver was in "coverage" he was badly out of place and a middling QB like Kirk Cousins picked him apart. Cousins only had 10 attempts (completing 8) and he got Oliver on several on them. Oliver is going to take his lumps this season as we don't really have anyone better on that side.
  6. Happy Belated Birthday MSalmon! May there many more!
  7. I have to believe that Tyler Renew showed better than Coleman. He has pretty awful against the Bears.
  8. Tim - Glad to hear that you made it ok. Alright here in Orlando, took some damage to trees and fence got torn to shreds but other than a couple of days without electricity not too bad. Feel lucky. That storm was loud as all get out. House survived so must be built ok. Thanks for everyone who offered up a place!
  9. Awesome thing to do Mash! Going to ride it out here in Orlando but wanted to say I appreciate the offering up a place to stay for your fellow Falcon fans! Go Falcons and everyone be as safe as you can if you are potentially in the path of Irma.
  10. This kid looks promising and like the way he plays and hustles. Almost a spitting image of Ish with more bulk and definitely one to watch in the early battles with Ish. Think Ish will beat him out this season due to experience in our defense and just all around intangibles but who knows with a season of DQ coaching. The head scratcher for me it is the difference between the 4.4 he was once timed at and a 4.62 at pro day. Pretty big drop off. However, the 20 yrd shuttle and 3 cone drill is where Ish sets himself apart from Moore and why Ish has the leg up in the agility department. Neither o
  11. You bring up Norwood.. man he was great to watch when he got in the open field. He was actually slightly faster than Coleman..4.32 vs. 4.39.. not by much. Norwood was just made of glass though but those runs that he had was a thing of beauty. Didn't realized he actually played as recent as 2013 in the CFL. That's crazy! Brings back fond memories. Tevin has played great and some of the catches he made coming out of the backfield was awesome this past weekend. Such a weapon!
  12. Well well.. Looks like MSalmon has come around with the usefulness of one said Ishmael albeit not at safety. Glad to see you have come around! Couldn't resist M. I have always felt that Ishmael had the intangibles and big play ability and actually has been one of our better tacklers on D. Now we know he does struggle on his pass defense but good to see him given a shot to play in space with help behind him. My fear is that he's not the biggest guy and he does go full bore so his next tackle could be his last. Dude has heart and he does make our team better (even if it is to give our guy
  13. Let me start off by saying that this posting is not about how Ishmael should be the starter. He is a good backup and fill-in starter. That's the extent of his role. This is mostly about his play in yesterday's Jags game, most noticeably the interception at the goal line. He's always had pretty good instincts "in the box", within that 5 - 20 yard range and is around the ball frequently (except when it's going over his head deep! He truly jumped on that route and showed great instincts but I think mostly it was his familiarity to Bortles's tendacies. After all he did play against Bortles at
  14. Missed this game by a week. Was in Nashville last weekend for a wedding and went to see the Titans get blown out by the Dolphins. What an ugly game and talk about disgruntled fans.. Titans were a wreck last week! Hopefully it continues and the Falcons thrash them. As far as traffic and parking. Traffic is a mess.. get there early! Got there around 10:15 for a 12:00 start. Ended up parking at a Hilton in the parking garage right across the street from the pedestrian bridge (which is long and a little steep!). Close parking, easy in and out but $25 (which was cheap compared to what I was
  15. Msalmon is right. Ish is truly a backup and great ST guy. Last year, he surprised people when he was pushed into FT playing time but this year to me (and maybe because he's not getting as much playing time and getting in the flow of the game) he looks a tad bit slower getting to the ball carrier. Ish is as tough as the next guy but he has a role and it's as a backup. I got to admit it is fun seeing C4 Moore delivering big hits this year! As far as Therezie, he's done well when pushed into action. Do I think we still need a good FS, yeah don't think we have the longterm solution on our team
  16. I got to give credit where credit is due, MSalmon was correct about Therezie. He looked like a decent player in preseason and one that could possibly develop. I do like the willingness to hit and pretty good range. As far as Parms, there wasn't any way he was going to push Ish off the roster since they play the same position (SS). Ishmael's value is as a backup SS and ST demon (which he still was showing that in the preseason by beating his man down the field and laying the wood). I'm not delusional that I want Ishmael to start but think he was a good fill-in when Moore is hurt (unfortun
  17. Let's blame MSalmon.. he created this thread! Dayam you MSalmon. Still looking forward to training camp to see who prevails in the backup SS position.. Here's hope that team is better in the Win's department this season!
  18. Never said you brought up the DL. In my 1st post, I said that we all saw Ish get burned deep frequently last year (probably your argument of him being athletically inept) but then again, I don't care if your name was Earl Thomas, you were not covering NFL Caliber WR's for 7+ seconds. Yes, I watched FAU live several times last year. Parms was a thumper for sure but I never saw the type range that blew me out of the water. Ish had more range in as he was a FS by trade and used to roaming but played much like a SS in the scheme at UCF close to the line. Parms has the physical size on his sid
  19. Not trying to convince him.. Yes, I know Earl Thomas is 5'10 and a freak of nature but he was also a 1st round pick for a **** good reason and not an undrafted free agent. I just want to see the Falcons Defense get back on track and think a heavy dose of the big guys up front will help the secondary tremendously.
  20. Actually I have seen Therezie play numerous time in college being from FL and pretty much have SEC on every weekend inluding the SEC Network. My point on Therezie is he is severely undersized for a S in the NFL. The jump to the NFL is huge and you do need some of the physical intangibles (size, speed, etc.). Ish being a 7th rd pick did a **** of a job in a starting role. Any NFL safety would have been hung out to dry behind our front line. Did you ever see how Ishmael played in college? If you did you know O'Leary played the most conserative game of football. It looks like a game from t
  21. Just looking purely at Stats in college I'm not sure what is so head's above for Parms (who played at FAU - smaller competition than UCF)vs. Ishmael. Parms best year is not comparable to Ishmael's. Ishmael had 40 more tackles and assist in a single season than Parms. As far as instincts, Parms had 1 int and yes, I know he was a SS but where's the instincts. Instincts translates in to getting TO's and being in the right place at the right time for tackles and assists. As far as Robenson Therezie, his stats from college don't display any more instincts at FS than Ishmael plus he's 5'9 at a FS. T
  22. Being from Orlando and UCF Alumni, Breshard has the pedigree (Father was a very solid WR for Detroit),size, speed, good head on his shoulders, etc. His biggest knock is that he had lapses of concentration issues (similar to Julio at Bama). Hands don't concern me.. that's what Jugg machines are for and he typically went up with both hands away from the body so he has the right fundamentals. He is a gamer though and will go across the middle.. saw him get whacked a time or two. Breshard has played against top competition and held his own (Fiesta Bowl - Baylor, South Carolina, etc) and for some
  23. So... got my ornaments today. Ordered two...and received Antone Smith & Osi Not bad for the fact they are likable guys and not some a$$hats. Plus I didn't get an OL lol.
  24. The one thing that stood out besides how soft our CB's played was the numbers of missed tackles Southward missed. One was one on one with Rainey in which they converted for a 1st down. And then he had at least two more that were plain misses. He definitely got there to the player but would whiff pretty bad. I felt more comfortable with Ishmael in there as far as making the tackle. And sad to say Bierman actually showed a little fire late in the game with some pressure on McCown and got him for a big sack at the end of the game. Early in the game he was a pile jumper for sure but then turn
  25. I'll be going to see the Falcons curb stomp (hopefully) the Yucaneers! I'm a Falcons fan from Orlando so all I hear is about the Bucs all year long so this is my annual trip to see my Falcons bretheren! Actually parking in Lot 14 myself so I'll be on the lookout for fellow Falcons.
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