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  1. I am a season ticket holder and have been for 15 years. I hate the kneeling for our National Anthem. It seems that more players and even coaches are buying into the kneeling. Just as the title says I’m done. I will not renew my tickets this year. I’m out y’all enjoy the NFL without me!!
  2. Thank you for your service,stay safe.
  3. How about we go out and get The Terminator John Connor to replace Ewing.
  4. I have been to 7 practices this year. I am no expert but this is what I see so far and I do know it is still early. QB Redman looks like he needs to go back into the insurance business. Ryan looks like a rookie not very impressive. Harrington has looked the best of all, but he still can’t throw the ball more than 20 yards and holds on to the ball to long. Shockley has the strongest arm but is not very accurate. The defense is way ahead of the offense and guys this is our defense. I think we are in trouble this year. I do like the coaching staff but they have their work cut out for the
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