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  1. yeah, but everyone will probably do that so it'll cancel out You should take all of the scores listed and run a regression line yeah i released my bowels and passed out here
  2. yeah, but everyone will probably do that so it'll cancel out
  3. if she's not a major then I don't know her. Us BFA kids are locked in a room and beat with a hose. SCORES PEOPLE
  4. yeah, but i don't really think they're comparable since the 2400 version has a written component. also this is a required math test for a theatre major so im pretty stoopid when it comes to math
  5. I'm doing a project comparing the fanbases of all 32 NFL teams by a number of variables, one of which being the average SAT scores of the members of their official team websites. All you have to do is post your SAT score, and then after I get everything thrown together I'll post the results and you guys can see how you add up! I'm only doing this out of 1600. If you did the 2400 version, don't worry about posting it. I'm only doing this pre SAT switch. I live in Atlanta (Emory) so I'm looking forward to you guys showing the rest of em what's what. :cool:
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