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  1. What thread are you talking about? Certainly not this one. I made a thread like this about 2 weeks after he died, maybe you should have talked about it then, when it mattered more. We only wanted to talk about the movie, not the man's lifestyle, that's on you. Your silly comment about him being thought a role model because his CHARACTER is in somone's sig is the exact reason you catch so much bull ##### around here man. I used to think you were smarter than that but you're starting to prove me wrong. PS: Please stop saying head, it's making me horny.
  2. On a side note, Canada is starting to look really good right now and they also have milk in a bag.
  3. Glad to see you've broadened your thread jacking to pop-culture now snake.
  4. If by talking you mean calling all others racist and ignorant then you're dead on. I think you might want to scan the board some more. Of course not ALL are like that but the ones we are busting on are.
  5. Not so much that as a fan of women. Why you saying a transexual looks better than a actual woman? For shame bro.
  6. Obama huggers have now replaced UGA homers as the biggest blind loyalists. :w00t:
  7. I must say Blood, I've lost alittle respect for you after reading this thread.
  8. Because the Mets and Yankees are the one of the few teams dumb enough to give Tex 23-25 mil per year for the next 5+.
  9. I honestly didnt expect to see The Joker in the next one anyways. Even before I knew he wasnt going to die, he was setting up the next movie the entire time. Heck, this movie felt like 2 movies rolled into one IMO.
  10. LOL how could anyone take this as serious after seeing the last one is beyond me.
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