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  1. 1 minute ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    Kevin Stefanski is the offensive coordinator.  Same dude who took over play calling last year.

    I'm sure Gary being on as a consultant is going to help, but it still goes back to how Zimmer wants to play.  And he's always leaned on that defense and grind it out with the running game.

    Anything can happen in September.  It's the great fooler month.  I know Minnesota's defense for example was straight garbage the first quarter of last season before getting it together, but I'm just saying this isn't the kind of matchup you go in against a Mike Zimmer team and think we gotta put 35 to win cuz they're gonna lay at least 30 on us.


    Now watch, just as I saw that, them fools score 40 and Cousins wins Offensive Player of the Week:bang:

    Good I hope not. If someone else was defensive coordinator other than Quinn, I would have believed you. Only way i see that scenario materializing is if our offense lays a massive egg.

  2. 18 minutes ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    Just curious, but why not?  Last time the D was healthy, they finished #9 in yards and #8 in scoring.

    Vikings were a below average offense last year... way below average for all the talent they have.  Even with Cook back in the lineup they still only managed 22.5 a game.

    Now I'm not making the case that we were ever an elite defense, but it's not like we hemorrhaged points when everyone was in the lineup, and Zimmer's offenses since he's been in Minnesota, they've never really ran anyone out of the stadium.  They've always content to play it close.  There's not really any reason to believe the defense can't keep pace with anything Minny throws at them.

    You aren't worried how potent their running game will be with Kubiak as the coordinator? I think they will be a lot more competent than last year because of him. 

  3. 4 hours ago, vel said:

    Man I'm cautiously but highly optimistic. The talent is there for any kind of front. The secondary, when healthy, can play how you want it to. Losing Wilcox sucks because the 3 safety looks with him would have been another layer, but maybe Neasman/Ish can provide something similar. Maybe even Foye. HeIl, you can even throw Grace out there on deep passing downs. Like it's crazy just how deep and multiple they can be. Obviously it's a ton of speculation, but I'm going on a limb that it's coming. 

    I mentioned that in another thread about the idea of using grace as that 3rd safety on passing downs since we don't have Wilcox anymore. He is practically almost Keanu size. 

  4. 42 minutes ago, TD_Lover said:




    3 point 


    2 point 

    Also applies to offensive lineman they just don't stand up like this guy


    Just for fun


    4 point


    Thanks man.  Wouldn't that mean you get more explosion out of a 4 point stance since it's similar to a track get off? Why wouldn't that make Takk and Vic more explosive vs 2 point like fatboi mentioned in his post? 

  5. 9 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

    Good find vel. All pre season I saw a multitude of fronts. I saw 5-2 with 5 down. 3-4, 2-4-5, 1-4-6. I don’t know if many noticed but I paid attention. The main thing was no matter what the from except for 5-2 takk and Beasley rushed from a 2 point stance. They both benefit from it because they both rushed that way in college. Takk absolutely loves it and I can tell Beasley does as well. Takk said he can see more from a 2 point stance and his get off is more powerful and I’ve seen the same from VB. The different fronts are Sutton. I expect our LB’s to be as successful as my cousin Justin and company was in KC. And probably another reason Bailey was brought in. The experience of playing those multiple fronts. Vic and Takk are playing OLB now even tho they’re listed as DE’s. Everytime they’re in a 2 point stance they’re LB’s and I love it. Looking forward to them throwing crazy looks at cousins. 

    Clueless fan here. What's a two point stance and what makes it different from a 3 point?

  6. 3 hours ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    That’d be great. I’d like to see Campbell out there on some 3rd and long and let a faster LB play next to DeBo, be it Foye or Grace.

    Wonder where Duke fits in for DQ??? :ninja:

    I was thinking thre same thing too. I think devondre is more than fast enough. Could the word you're looking for be instinctual? I think that's the only thing preventing Campbell from taking that step into that next echelon. 

  7. 3 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

    Grace plays MLB. Foye plays WLB. He played some MLB because of the Debo injury last year. So did duke. But if we’re talking about one starting over the other it can’t happen because they don’t play the same position. Unless grace is moved to WLB. And I don’t see that happening after his great camp and pre season was at MLB. NOW...In a 3-4 we may see grace out there with Debo as the 2 lb’s in the middle are MLB’s. Takk and Beasley would be the OLB’s. Then Quinn May have a 4-4 package where takk and Beasley will have their hand in the dirt but we still have 4 LB’s. Foye and Campbell at OLB and Grace and Debo at MLB. But no Foye and Grace don’t play the same position. Foye is our starting WLB. Debo is our starting MLB, and Campbell is our starting SLB in 4-3. In nickel it will more than likely be Debo and Campbell. But we may see grace out there at certain times. And that’s if grace even dresses out because we only dress 46 on hame day. That’s 7 inactives on game day. 

    Thanks for the clarification. I just assumed the 2 backers in 4-3 under and 3-4 were really just inner linebackers even though they are labeled Mike and will.  Still got lots to learn lol. 

    I have another question. Since Wilcox went down, could grace act as the third safety in certain packages? He looks like a safety out there. 

  8. 10 hours ago, TheFatboi said:

    They don’t play the same position 

    What position does he play then? Didn't he play Mike and will (the inner linebacker positions) last year? Since he isn't near the size and weight of a devondre, that means he is only suitable for the other ILB position next to debo.

    Am I missing something? Also what packages do you envision both playing? 

  9. 4 minutes ago, Yo_Lover said:

    There's all kinds of bear fronts

    3-4 bear

    46 bear

    5-2 bear etc

    And yeah if you run 3-4 they will just run spread formations and drop 80 on you. You'll be stuck in zone because you arent gonna have LB's that can play man on their WR's.

    Even if you have unique athletes on your team like Deion Jones? Im not saying he can match up on a number 1 receiver but maybe a 3 or 4 perhaps? 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Yo_Lover said:

    You can't do 3-4 against any offense. Same for 5-2 that's an easy clap.

    According to your previous explanation, it's mainly because a lineman/ linebacker will get matched up against a wide receiver right? Will that be the same weakness for a bear front? (I assume that's a 4-4 alignment) 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Vandy said:

    4-3 under never goes with a one size fits all...different tweaks and variations  depending on game situation, offensive formation, opponents tendencies, etc.

    Guess I assumed because we have some of the top athletes at their position on our team that we could be one if the only teams able to run it uniquely like when Pete Carroll did with the 4-3 under. 

    Also why would a zone blitz be more different in a 5-2 than 3-4? I want to add that my very basic and limited understanding of zone blitz is dropping a lineman into coverage while the 4th rusher blitz from a different position. 

  12. 15 minutes ago, slickgadawg said:

    Just taking a guess here.  Quinn APPEARS to be using the same techniques on the defensive line. I could be wrong because it was hard for me to tell from the angle of the video I reviewed.  Regardless of the techniques or alignments, Quinn wants to get pressure from BOTH ends or Edge Rusher, Outside linebacker or whatever you want to call them. 

    In the base 3-4 alignment, the Outside linebackers will primarily RUSH on passing downs and the two Mikes will cover the tight end and running back in passing routes. If the offense goes to spread, I don't see Quinn having his base package out there of Tak and Beasley so I don't think you will see a 5-2 against the spread.  If he is in a 3-4 alignment and the offense is in a spread, then Tak and Beasley will cover the 1 receiver on both sides with help from the safeties and corners.  The will picks up the 2 receiver on his side and the mike covers the running back. It gets REAL complicated if the offense trots out a 2x2 offense against the 3-4 as far as assignments.  This is a BIG IF.  I see Quinn running nickel against the spread...

    And I could be wrong.  I'm learning this also...Peyton Manning Forehead and others can clean it up for any errors in this...

    Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me. So I take it that 5-2 is excellent against the I-formation and goal line packages? How will we fare against Sean peyton and his many packages with Alvin Kamara or an Andy Reid's offense? I don't see the 5-2 matching up well against those. How about using the 5-2 against the wildcat and read option that physical teams like Baltimore gashed us with last year? 

  13. 6 minutes ago, slickgadawg said:

    The 3-4 and the 5-2 are ESSENTIALLY the same defense.  The only difference is whether the ends put their hands in the ground or not and if they do, it CAN change their assignment.  I said CAN because you can zone blitz off it and do other creative things...  So, when you are talking about 3-4 or 5-2  the focus is really on the assignments of the ends...

    Aren't the 3-4 and 5-2 the alignments? How coach Quinn uses his past experiences and 4-3 under principle is really what im trying to get a feel for as to how the defense changes in 5-2 and the matchup problems it creates. 

  14. 1 hour ago, vel said:

    If we made a thread about a 5-2, it would probably get 8 replies and move to the second page. 

    Can we seriously make one? I would like to learn what makes the 5-2 special. I know fatboi mentioned how it's weak against spread offenses but considering the athletes we have, is it still a huge weakness? Is it aggressive even if secondary is playing zone? Does it require different type of corners than the standard Richard Sherman size he used to have back in the day? Was there any other team that used the 5-2 last year? Is it mainly used for stopping the run or could it be revolutionized as excellent blitz package compared to a 3-4?

    Forgive me. It just sounds exciting. I don't know what most of these things mean and probably still won't understand all of it in its entirety but I like knowledge.  Vel,  vandy, fatboi, peyton forehead, kog, unintentional grounding, pound for pound, Tim mazzetti, ya boi, yo lover etc...


    Let's do this!


  15. 1 hour ago, gazoo said:

    In past years, the Falcons have lacked identity and have struggled with the more physical teams with really strong lines. It was embarrassing at times having opposing DL mock our OL in the media for being soft.  We've all seen our OL get pushed around way too much in 3rd and long, or in short yardage situations, or simply dominated an entire game.

    I think this ends in 2019.  Our identity is going to be hard nosed offense that can play smash mouth when needed. I think we will have an attitude up front that no defense is going to get the best of us. This will fit Matt Ryan's attitude perfectly, he's the toughest QB in the NFL IMO. 

    Irrespective of if you are a running or a passing offense, the identity on offense starts at the OL. We have a more physical, bigger, stronger OL group than we've had since 2012. If you recall, we targeted big, powerful, nasty OL.  Carpenter and Brown are great big hoss OGs who have nasty streaks and play through the whistle. We have Jake Matthews coming back playing better than he ever has, he's arrived. I absolutely love the Lindstrom pick. While Lindstrom isn't a mauler, he is strong, physical, nasty and plays all out every snap. No one is going to push Lindstrom around, and in pass protection allowed only a few pressures and ZERO sacks last year. Some people suggest Mack to a step back last year but I think it was more the pathetic OG and RT play that made it appear that way.  McGary is also a mauler, great big powerful RT who also is nasty, plays with a big chip on his shoulder. Nobody is going to push McGary around and I expect he'll be in lineup by no later than midseason before we start playing division and playoff games. 

    We also added Luke Stocker, who is a great blocking TE, but also can play FB. This is a 6'5", 253lb FB, bigger and faster than Ovie Mughelli was. We also now have Ollison, a 6'2", just under 230lb running back who can pound defenses, rip through tackles and break off long runs. When we need short yardage this year, I think we will be able to run it down any defenses throat we want to. Stocker also was coached by both Keotter and Mularkey. Hooper is also a big strong physical TE for a receiving specialist. 

    I think for the first time since 2010, NFL defenses are going to hate playing the Atlanta Falcons from the standpoint of physicality. We have a bunch of tough nosed guys up front. Defenses are going to get beat up and worn down.  I think we will have one of the most physical offenses we've ever had including the toughness of Ryan, Julio and Hooper. Speaking of Hooper, his TD numbers could double this year. He had 4 last year, I could see 7 or 8 this year.


    This is especially exciting to me given DQ taking back over the defense. The entire team is going to have a new attitude. and both sides of ball will feed off each other.

    Gazoo when are you going to be a beat writer for the Falcons man?  You were practically born for it lol. Great post man. I wish you and TDWII can go to camp together and litter the board with updates and your takes. IM DEAD SERIOUS! Anyways good post man. Im not as optimistic as you about the offense but im definitely looking forward to seeing Quinn finally take over to command a more competent defense regardless of injuries. 

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