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  1. 3 hours ago, vel said:

    I was told all week this was a soft and mentally weak team...

    You can check my posts in your weekly pre game scout thread. I called it too that the defense would show up. Just didn't trust the offense. I have the same confidence in Quinn defense as I did with Shanahan even when they have a bad game. These two are excellent at their respective sides of the ball and they have a long enough track record to back it up. I even saw glimpses of it in week 1 despite the loss.


  2. 9 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    That’s right but they coached together early on and are good friends. Different base system but similar offensive philosophy. 

    The influence goes the other way too — a lot of Reid’s vertical concepts are influence by Koetter by my observation. 

    Really? Then why are his vertical concepts more creative than Dirk's? I tend to see tyreke hill and their other weapons get open with space often despite defenses knowing to key in on them. I haven't seen those kind of free running space for our guys since Shanahan left. 

    7 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    I should say — there is commonality there. I don’t know that either of them pulls from the other’s playbook. They definitely share the same views on how to attack a defense though. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. 

    I wish Dirk would pull from his playbook. At least Sean mcvay wasn't afraid to admit it last year. :D

  3. 8 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    That screen (and all the others) is proof this is Koetter’s offense, not Shanahan’s. The core of the offense is in place, but Kyle doesn’t call that play there. 

    Not saying he wouldn’t have called something else that would work, but that play was 100% Andy Reid’s influence on Koetter’s offensive philosophy — when they blitz you, kill them with the screen game. Koetter has always done it and it worked to perfection yesterday. 

    Did Dirk coordinate under Andy Reid at some point? Doesn't Andy Reid run a west coast offense and Dirk's is Coryell? 

  4. Just now, Mid-Nite-Toker said:

    The play Philly picked up the first down after VBjr sack, was head scratching. I'm not sure if Neal made a mistake, bad call (DQ), or good play by Wentz.

    Were we in a cover 4? I don't know how thr receiver got that open on a 4th and 14. I had that here we go again face, only the Falcons can this happen to. Lol

  5. 5 hours ago, falconidae said:

    Very excited about the defense. The offense will sort itself out, then this team will be scary good.

    I hope and pray for that to happen but I'm not holding my breath. I think we need to start activating one of the bigger backs especially Ollison. He would have made a difference falling forward for those extra tough yards that ito and Freeman just don't have the power to pick up. 

  6. 6 hours ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    Couple of odd calls DQ made tonight, but the D passes the eye test. They look fast... And I do mean fast. And now they’re playing sound to go with it, Tackling was crisp, the defensive line got after it. The vision is starting to come alive.

    I actually expected us to make that stop on that last drive... :lol: at least until that 43 yard pass on 4th down.

    Can you list them? I wanna learn too. Don't keep all the good stuff to yourself man. Share that ish.

  7. Can the x's and o's guys tell us if it's an oline problem? There were several times, when Freeman was running up the middle, that I thought that Ollison could have picked up an additional 3-4 yards if he had been the game. 

    Thre goal line run that ito got stood up on also had me thinking Ollisin would have probably either gotten a touchdown or made it to the 1. I also think the play action would have been more effective in the goal line if Ollison was present as well. The linebackers would have crashed the line so hard because he packs power.

    I don't think Freeman has lost it. I just question whether he fits mularkey blocking scheme as effectively as the one cut scheme we had before. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

    We still have 15 weeks left. Our offense and defense have not played well so far. Which unit do you have the most faith in going into the next 15 games our offense or our defense? Which unit do you think has a better chance to be a top 5-10 unit for the next 15 games?

    Defense for me. With the exception of 2 or 3 years during Matt's tenure, the norm is for them to underachieve. Until I see Quinn field a bad defense under his control for a full season, he has given me enough to trust him on that side of the ball. 

    As far as offense goes, I miss when we had a bonafide top tier running back in Turner that was the main focus of defenses before the front office changed their focus to trying to make Ryan the next Peyton Manning.

  9. 20 hours ago, Dr Long Shot said:

    Worst starting CB in the league last year and won't even be playing this year. Out of all the moves that are starting to look questionable this isn't the one I'm disappointed about. 

    It's funny how Robert Alford looked like a pro bowler when Quinn took over the defense in 2016 but looked like trash along with thre rest of the defense last year with Manuel calling it. Jalen Collins had his only good stretch of NFL play when Quinn took over the defense as well. Trufant looked bad for 1st half of the season last year. With the exception of Grady Jarrett, I wouldn't put too much stock in player assessments from last season. 

    I will miss Alford. Would have like to have seen him have a bounce back year with Quinn finally taking over fulltime again. 

  10. 19 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    This man is smart enough to know you can't risk Matt getting comfortable with our weapons.

    We didn't have much of a ground game in our meetings up in Philly...

    I think we really need to get the run game going to secure the consistency of the offense early this year and help the OL gel; plus keep the D fresh.


    19 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    This man is smart enough to know you can't risk Matt getting comfortable with our weapons.

    We didn't have much of a ground game in our meetings up in Philly...

    I think we really need to get the run game going to secure the consistency of the offense early this year and help the OL gel; plus keep the D fresh.

    Well if it's been working, keep doing it. Greg Williams blueprint.

  11. 5 minutes ago, vel said:

    But even Kyle had some duds. Don't act like he's some kind of jesus. 

    Plus, the Bucs put up 27 on the Eagles the week after we put up 12 last year. Koetter was apart of that gameplanning. The Eagles aren't some insurmountable team. Just because we've lost to them, Kyle included, in recent years means nothing on Sunday. 

    Correct Shanahan did have some duds. No denying that. Still I never lost confidence in the offense unlike with previous coordinators that have sputtered through Matts tenure. We had a different flow. I don't know how Shanahan conducted practices but we were seeing Matt make throws we knew he was more than capable of making regularly. Heck Taylor Gabriel, of all people, was going off. 

    Even though he hasn't had his starting qb for much in San Fran, not only fo they move the ball but they also score and go deep with less talent and a back up qb. Shanahan called plays not trying to protect Matt. He called plays that made Matt play worry free. I felt every pass Matt was gonna make was going for a touchdown. Didn't matter if gabriel sanu or Julio was covered. That's what I meant. 

  12. On 9/10/2019 at 0:33 PM, vel said:

    Literally have a cupboard running over with playmakers and we make it look so hard. Part of that is Matt though. Guys were open. But he just does this sometimes. Did it last year with the Eagles. Sometimes you gotta grab ya nuts and not care what the defense is trying to do and prove you have the players to beat anybody. Forcing a ball to a triple covered Julio isn't that though. 

    Amen. He waits till our backs are against the wall or game is almost out of reach before his '**** it ' button kicks in like that Calvin Ridley touchdown last week. That's the whole point of having great players. Sometimes when the play doesn't greet anybody open as planned and they dare man up on Julio Sanu or Ridley, take a freaking chance Matt! Don't throw one of those ducks that floats in the air forever because it gives the defender a higher chance of getting back in to the play.  


  13. On 9/10/2019 at 0:23 PM, vel said:

    Man Washington's defense went stupid in the second half. No situational awareness. Biting on flat routes on 3rd & longs. Just stupid. Even the second bomb to DJax was just stupid awareness by Norman biting on underneath routes. The looked worse than the Texans did last night. 

    If Ridley doesn't get a steady dose of deep posts all game when Sidney Jones is lined up on him, Koetter should be fired. He couldn't run with McLaurin and it was obvious. They better not come out scared of this Philly DL. They did not look present. Ereck Flowers looked competent against them. They'll have to blitz to get pressure and the Falcons better be ready. 

    You are most optimistic than I am about the offense. Koetter can't make Matt throw the ball to allow his receiver to make the play for him. I see philly with their sub par secondary somehow containing our offense solely to fgs. 


    I hope the defense can generate some turnovers to help the offense.  I miss Shanahan man. He was killing the league with Taylor Gabriel and Aldrick Robinson in thre mix with Julio and Sanu. That's a less talented Corp than what we have now and yet I see us laying another stinker on offense while the defense finally shows up. 

  14. On 9/10/2019 at 11:26 AM, vel said:

     When the Falcons are on Offense: Matt got his usual week one stinker out of the way. Since DQ has been here, Matt has averaged a 113.1 passer rating with a 7:2 TD/INT ratio in week two compared to 94.1 passer rating and a 5:3 split in week one. If there is one guy I'm putting money on, it's Matthew Thomas Ryan. He bounces back, this team can win. The last two games versus Philly on the road, he's been bad. But he's at home this time and fresh off a terrible game. He rarely puts two of these together. Like I noted above, Case Keenum lit this group up in week one. Matt can do that. The Eagles tend to be more aggressive but at times less disciplined. Sark refused to exploit this the two times in a row. If Koetter and Co. want to go home early, do the same. They need to exploit this secondary. Keenum had guys running wide open all game. With lesser talent. They need to win this match up consistently. The OL should be able to get some movement, especially with Brown in the game. Lindstrom is easily the better pass protector but Brown can maul in the run game. That 6'5 340lb man needs to earn his check Sunday. They don't need 100 yards, but they need balance and the threat of Freeman and Co breaking loose. Keep the offense in 2nd/3rd and manageable situations. I'm expecting a big bounce back game from everybody on this side of the ball. Koetter, Matt, Jake, Freeman. Everybody. Too much money and talent to score 0 points for a full game (**** the 12 points they were gifted). 

    Great thread vel. Im not holding my breath expecting the offense to show up. I don't know how many weapons we need on offense for Matt and (name whatever coordinator except for Shanahan). I see us having red zone issues. None of the bigger sized backs will be activated. Matt doesn't throw jump balls, back shoulder fades to any of the receivers there. Heck I will be surprised if we even get to go deep and actually complete it against the eagles defense. Seems like teams with less talent always know how to exploit other teams weakness while we are solely only worried about spreading the ball. A teams number one corner or linebacker can be out and we still won't exploit the matchups. That's Falcons football always. 

    Seriously im expecting more of an improvement from the defense. I can see them keeping this game close for the majority of the game. Our offense will kick plenty of field goals while philly offense scores touchdowns on the only 2-3 drives that makes it to our redzone. 

    Looking forward to being at the game this Sunday to watch the defense. I hope Dirk and the offense proves me wrong. 

  15. 9 hours ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    I wouldn't say the Falcons have ever had trouble getting the ball to Julio when you look at the numbers he's put up, but I see where you're going.

    There isn't one answer, but look at it like this.  Houston had the 4th most rushing attempts in the league last year -- and they ran for the 8th most yards.  Dennis Allen Monday night made a few strange calls, namely going Cover-0 -- that means no safety in the middle of the field and blitzing everyone that gave up a few big ones.  That TD to put them against was against cover-0.

    Same with the Saints.  They had the 5th most rushing attempts in the league last year and the passing attempts fell to 23rd in the league.  When you can run that well the defense has to dedicate more resources to stopping your run game.  That leads to simpler coverages, which leads to easier looks for Thomas to go against.  You can't throw a whole lot of brackets at one receiver if you have to stack the box.

    Pittsburgh always had weapons around AB.  LeVeon.  Ju-Ju.  Even without LeVeon last season he had Ju-Ju on the other side of him putting up over 1400 yards.

    When Kyle was here it wasn't about getting the ball to Julio.  It was about getting the ball to everyone and balance.  We had the #5 rushing game in the league in '16.  

    Thanks for the insightful response my good sir. That's what makes Julio that much more amazing to me. He still puts up amazing numbers despite being handcuffed by inconsistent run game or lack of one especially against playoff caliber defenses, bad deep balls from Matt Ryan, and lack of 50/50 balls or even back shoulder throws in the red zone or within the drive from Matt. Iwas happy that Matt threw to a spot to allow Calvin to make a play for that td catch but hate it that it takes the game being over or the teams back being against the wall before he makes those throws because he is very capable. Why do we get to the red zone only to have Luke stocker as the main person to target expecting him to make an outstanding catch when we have sanu, Calvin, and Julio?  If Julio was playing with Ben, Brady, rivers or Brees, I don't think we would be arguing who the number 1 receiver is right now. He would have broken the 2000 receiving yards milestone multiple times. That's why it's frustrating to see him taken out of the game too easily because our run game hasn't been the same since Shanahan left. Maybe im wrong but watching Falcons offense frustrates me especially when I see other offenses doing more with less. It's always almost feast or famine with our offense. 


    Correct me if I'm wrong but even though Kyle designed everyone to get the ball, he was one of the few coordinators I was able to watch, with my limited understanding of the game, truly confuse defenses with Julio as a decoy but still made him as explosive as we've ever seen him. He made Matt work on parts of his game the past coordinators didn't have him work on. I remember several games where Matt threw at least a few 50/50 balls to allow his receivers to make plays in the red zone. That's the deadliest ive ever seen Matt. He never JUST run what Matt likes. He pushed him outside of his comfort zone to elevate his play.

    I am indifferent towards Dirk being back.  I hope he has success but I cringe everytime I hear every coordinator hired say 'we are going to run all of Ryan's favorite plays and what he is comfortable with.' I don't know if we become very predictable too the extent that the offense sputters enough to get the coordinator fired.

    I hope the run game takes off. I like Freeman I just don't know if he is that back for mularkey run blocking scheme. Mike has always had bigger sized backs than Ito (even though he ran well game 1) and Freeman.  I miss Turner. Hope Qadree can turn out the be, at least, half the player he was.

    How do you feel about the Dirk hiring? I don't think the board ever heard your take?



  16. I have a question. How come we have trouble getting Julio the ball compared to other teams with even less weapons? Julio can't be the only number 1 that gets double or triple covered. Some how Drew Brees always finds a way to get Kamara and Micheal Thomas the ball often despite lacking other threats. Antonio brown always feasted in Pittsburgh. DeAndre Hopkins made plays against lattimore in week one. Yet we have trouble getting Julio the ball. Im sick of the decoy excuses. We're driving a Ferrari like a Camry. I don't get why. 


    Kyle was good at not only using Julio as a decoy but also freeing him up very often. Is it a coordinator or qb issue? I don't think other teams shut our offense down. I think we are the ones keeping Julio and the rest of our weapons in check.  


    Can the knowledgeable x's and o's guys truly explain why we're are always the exception? 

  17. 1 hour ago, kiwifalcon said:

    Why not Bailey on the strong side end and Takk go more over fronts with Jarrett and Davison in the base.

    If our interior is fine why not go over and bigger on the edge.

    Use VB44 as a legit situational rusher anything 2nd & 3rd and long he’s in get him out of run D completely.


    If he sticks with the 5-2, could he move bailey to Beasley's spot and put Cominsky at the vacant end spot? Will that change anything? 

  18. 48 minutes ago, FalconsIn2020 said:

    Agreed.  I’m confused on two counts.  First, why did we hire a non-WCO coach to OC our WCO?  Second, why is Quinn,  a coach who has masterfully run a 4-3 Under with multiple Cover1/3 schemes, opting for odd man fronts?

     I honestly would love if we ran Cover 1 with 4-3 under...used the robber and other variations ala the SB.  Alford always shadowed the Edelman’s...perhaps Oliver isn’t ready yet?

    Bottom line: it seems like every coordinator/coach outside of Knapp is coaching and scheming things outside their wheelhouse. 

    I believe he mentioned im the offseason how the league has caught up with his 4-3 under defense after watching hours of tape extensively. He had to add another layer to it or switch it up in layman terms. 

  19. 1 hour ago, PeytonMannings Forehead said:

    I saw that too. And I’m all for experimenting but this may be one of those cases where DQ might be outthinking himself. He seems to be intent on making Vic an every down player, which in this alignment means turning him into a linebacker for all intents and purposes. We’ve seen that experiment.

    Put Takk back on the weak side so he doesn’t have to set an edge every down and Bailey at the 5. If we can’t find a true SAM to play on top of the TE to play the Under, which may be the real reason for all this, then so be it. Put Claborn on the other side and we’ll play Over.

    We can still get 8 men in the box and we can get three true linebackers on the field with Foye out there.

    Isn't devondre a true SAM?

  20. 5 minutes ago, Fiddlin John's Ghost said:

    Not really worried because they are an outside zone team. Penetration kills zone running plays, and IMO, Grady, Davison, and Crawford are gonna get penetration against their interior oline. I really dont think they can block us up inside. At all.

    But they have top 5 rated offensive line. We're barely got any pressure on them last we played them. I have reasons to be optimistic this year because of Quinn taking over this year. I feel the same way you do to an extent because of it.  Think our d will surprise this year from start to finish. 

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